Lindsay Fitzgerald|Feb 19, 2020
Happy to hear from you Lenny! Keep sharing. We want to hear more. Tell us the good, the bad, even the ugly. We are here for you through all the ups and downs.

Great news on being back to school and with all the progress!
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Lisa Ahmad|Feb 19, 2020
Love you Lenny boy and am always so proud of you!
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Anita Knight|Feb 18, 2020
We heard a lecture about updates on brain research - for considerations of aging, but also for managing injury. Amazing developments in technology for paralysis and spinal cord injuries. Exoskeletons, etc. It looks like Lenny is making his own great strides! Awesome!
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Jennifer Fahlen Crotty|Feb 18, 2020
Great to hear from you Lenny! We are cheering you on and are here for you always! Lenny strong! ❤️
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Karl Kamena|Feb 18, 2020
Thanks Lenny and family! I’m happy and grateful for you. God Bless.
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Linda Kobilca|Feb 18, 2020
So wonderful to get this news and to hear directly from Lenny. You are so obviously Lenny Strong and showing that strength in so many ways. And we are all still out here cheering you on ! Lots of love from Aunt Linda and Uncle Warren. Xoxo
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