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Gifted by Sandy & Tom Sedlacek

“In honor of Lee Hough. To an honorable Christian man that was an example of bravery for us all. Sympathy goes out to his family Maureen and Paul Bloomberg. Sandy and Tom Sedlacek”

Gifted by anonymous

Gifted by L.C. & Cathy Courtney

“In honor of Lee Hough.”
Janet Campbell

Gifted by Janet Campbell

“In honor of Lee and Paula Hough, and their amazing and inspiring faith in Jesus”
Todd & Jeannine Chobotar

Gifted by Todd & Jeannine Chobotar

“In honor of Lee Hough. Jeannine and I love you, my brother. Stay strong. You have, and will always be an inspiration.”

Gifted by anonymous

“In honor of Lee Hough”
Donna K. Wallace

Gifted by Donna K. Wallace

“Lee Hough has published some of his most profound prose right here! Thanks to CaringBridge for making it possible.”

Gifted by Chris and Vicky Stewart

“In honor of Lee Hough We love you guys !!”

Gifted by Tom & Janie Carter

“In honor of Lee Hough”

Gifted by Kathy

“In honor of Lee and Paula Hough reaching the summit of Pikes Peak and KICKING CANCER IN THE BUTT. What a fabulous photo!!!”