Honor Leah

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Gifted by Mrs. Susan L. Pomroy

“In honor of Leah Siegel”

Gifted by Mr. Barry Orlow

“In honor of Leah Siegel. Thank you so much for your courage and for reminding me how lucky I am to be able to see my daughters into young adulthood.”

Gifted by Mr. Robert Weyman

“In honor of Leah Siegel”

Gifted by Alexandra Lovitt

“In honor of Leah Siegel, who led by example all of her life and will continue to lead by example for years to come.”

Gifted by Haley Geffen

“In honor of Leah Siegel. Thank you for paving an admirable road for women at ESPN. My thoughts are with your family.”

Gifted by Mr. Michael Leber

“In honor of Leah Siegel, she brightened our days, even in her darkest hours.”

Gifted by Ms. Luanne J. McNulty

“Thru CB, Leah was able to share and hear from 1,000's of friends & family members. What an amazing gift this site allowed us all!”

Gifted by Dr. Patricia S. Burmaster

“In honor of Leah Siegel from Patty, Denny & Josh Burmaster. May your life as an angel continue forever as it has on earth.”

Gifted by Mr. David S. Sartorius

“In honor of Leah Siegel”

Gifted by Mr. David J. Levin

“In honor of Leah Siegel. Prayers go out to all of her dear friends and family.”