Honor Leah

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Gifted by Kim Ellis

“In honor of Leah Rule”
Catherine Kjos & Mohammad Dehdashti

Gifted by Catherine Kjos & Mohammad Dehdashti

“In honor of Leah Rule, who we wish weknew better because she is a unique artist, musician, farmer chick, nature/animal lover, and friend to many.”

Gifted by Christian Erickson and Janey Winterbauer

“In honor of Leah Rule”

Gifted by In memory of Frank S. Aksteter

“Leah, please get well.”
Chris Harrington

Gifted by Chris Harrington

“Bar Chords = healing power yeah!”

Gifted by Ruth Doss

“On behalf of my family in honor of Leah Rule”

Gifted by Ken and Shirley Strom

“Thanks CaringBridge for the comfort you've provided our daughter Leah.”
Sharon Gummow Shea

Gifted by Sharon Gummow Shea

“In honor of Leah Rule”

Gifted by anonymous

“In honor of Leah Rule”

Gifted by Merlin C. Hove

“Thank you CaringBridge for providing this wonderful tool. Our thoughts and prayers are with Leah and her family.”