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Jun 20-26

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Hello everyone,

Happy almost Halloween to you all. And thank you again to everyone who has reached out with a kind word. You all mean so much to me.

This Friday I will be completing my 6th Taxol treatment of 12. So, after 4 AC and 5 Taxol, I'm over halfway done. I still have most of my eyelashes and my eyebrows (thanks, microblading) and my hair seems to be growing back a bit! I'm quite pleased with that notion. Sleep is still elusive due to hot flashes, anxiety, and just random wake-ups. Though I have not had any nausea, it's very very hard to eat....which means my energy level is less than superb. I get tired and winded very easily. And oh my goodness, the "chemo brain" is real. But I'll be done soon and then be on to Christmas and then surgery. \

Sara was able to come visit me over this past weekend and we had the most amazing time. We are seafood, listened to music, and picked out the infamous "Dad Pumpkin". I love her to death. I'll post pictures for all to see. 

I'll write again soon! Have a happy Tuesday. 

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