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“Excellent” two year scan

I had my 2 year post CAR-T PET scan today and Dr. de Vos texted me shortly after to let me know the scan looked excellent. Breathing a sigh of relief here and feeling so blessed to have been able to get the CAR-T treatment when I did. Gus drove me to and from the scan, was sweet to have a driver and to get out of the house. 

He flies back to D.C. on August 4 to start his junior year. He will be in an apartment this year with a close friend. I am disappointed that I can’t go with him to help him set up his place but I’ve come so far and just don’t want to take any chances by traveling now.

I have really been enjoying our pool and swim a mile several times a week. I still have hopes of getting to Nepal next year but time will tell.

love, Laurie 

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