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Southwestern Utah

Sophie and I left Los Angeles at 6 a.m. yesterday morning, we passed Vegas by 10 a.m. and arrived in Brian Head at our lodge a little after 1 pm. I am attaching a couple photos from the car window. Who knew it was so quick and easy to get to Utah? Not me! I was in Utah only once before in 1984 when I drove from Boston to LA to start my new job. On that trip I passed thru Salt Lake City. 

Brian Head is at 10,000 feet. There’s over 2 feet of snow up here and the temp is in the 20s, nice change from mild weather in LA. I have been drinking lots of water and am trying the chloroxygen drops to see if it helps with the altitude. I am also wearing my new long Johns, compression hiking socks and using my camelback water pack today.

We are heading out shortly to rent snow shoes and cross country skis. Cross country skiing was always one of my favorite winter activities in my college years but it’s been over 3 decades since I have done it. 

I just received confirmation that the segment on ABC7 will air tomorrow but still no idea of time. If it’s a slow news day, they may run it more than once.


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