Ida Harding|Jan 18, 2020
Congratulations for being "unremarkable, Laurie! I'm thrilled for your. Thank you for all have done and continue to do for us NH Follicular Lymphoma survivors!
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Paula Christensen|Jan 17, 2020
Laurie- all good news! You are amazing at telling your story and also being supportive of others who
are struggling and also educating the world about
KITE CAR-T. And if that isn’t enough, you are hiking Everest! I am so in awe!
Love you lots, Paula
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Elaine Deacon|Jan 17, 2020
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laurie sherve|Jan 17, 2020
Yeah, still clean after 18 months, and 2 more folks too! What an amazing story you are promoting and participating in!! Can't wait to see the ABC story...Was the reporter's dad blood cancer a candidate for CAR-T?? Just beyond wow.
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Valentina Dimitrova|Jan 17, 2020
What are wonderful news Laurie! Great work on advocation others in need.
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Karen Freeman|Jan 17, 2020
Clean Scans! YAY!
So happy to hear such good news about you Laurie and the good news of the other two patients who also had clean scans!
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Michael Sledge|Jan 17, 2020
Great news! See you in April #goteam
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Andrew Huddart|Jan 17, 2020
Such great news! Looking forward to seeing the TV piece
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Robert Illes|Jan 17, 2020
Awesome news! Can't wait to see the program.
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