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Good New Year

Our holidays were mellow and easy. It’s been great having Gus home for 3 weeks, although between his job at the Santa Monica Ice Rink and his girlfriend, Hailey, he has been quite occupied. He and Hailey surprised me with an overflowing stocking on Christmas morning with all kinds of goodies for my upcoming trip to Nepal - hand warmers, solar phone charger, head lamp, first aid kit, etc. 

Now that my toe is fully healed, I am ramping up my training for Everest Base Camp as I head to Kathmandu in about 3 months. On New Years Day, Ben and I hiked 12 miles on Mount Lowe and encountered quite a bit of snow at 2500 feet, see photo below. Today, I hiked the Danielson Monument trail which was almost 9 miles (gorgeous scenery photo below) Both of these hikes had ~2700 vertical foot gain.

My LLS team, Team CAR-T is now full. There are 11 of us going and it’s a wonderful group. We are going to have quite a time. I am reading a book now called “The Way of the White Clouds” by Lama Anagarika Govinda which is expanding my knowledge of Buddhism and the area I will be visiting. 

In a couple weeks, I am driving to Cedar Breaks, Utah, with my filmmaker, Sophie. It’s in southwest Utah and is at 10,000 vertical feet. We are going to snow shoe and cross country ski which I have always loved doing. I am also going to likely go to Colorado for more altitude experience.

I continue to feel well and on January 16, I have my 18 month post CAR-T scan. I will post with the result here to update you all. Assuming it’s a clean scan, the frequency of my scans will space out to every 6 months.

Finally, on New Years Eve, I was sitting in the house at dusk when I heard the call of a great horned owl just outside our glass doors. I quietly opened the door and observed the owl in the trees. I was able to capture a photo of him. Soon after a second owl joined him with a higher pitched call, a female. Part of their courting ritual, Ginger suggested. A good omen for the new year we are now in.

Hope you all had a restful holiday season.

love, laurie

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