Paula Christensen|Oct 24, 2019
Laurie- You are amazing- I am in awe of your boot camp regime. Loved hearing about Gus!
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Michele James Roberts|Oct 21, 2019
Whoa! How cool that Gus will get to drive the ambulance. Every man's dream! You rock. So inspirational every time. :) <3
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laurie sherve|Oct 21, 2019
Busy!!! Great that you are helping the other CAR-T patients, it must be incredibly exciting to meet you- someone who has eliminated the cancer! Yup, lightweight dumb bells and knee pushups are the way to go. Your shoulders and back should be getting strong with all the swimming. Congrats on buying the ticket to Katmandu, what an adventure! Sounds like Gus in the midst of the DC drama and trauma, seeing the best side of all people, yikes. At least he gets to drive the ambulance! Keep those updates coming!
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Robert Illes|Oct 21, 2019
Good stuff, I'm glad you're busy and that's great about being there for other CAR-T's!
Get yourself some dumbbells they don't need to be too heavy, a set of 5lb and 10lb should be good. Then you can do arm curls, shoulder presses, tricep curls, bent over rows etc. along with push ups that will work pretty much your entire upper body. You'll need that if you're going to lug a back pack to the summit! Did I say summit?

Regarding Gus, he takes after you because me and Ben met in a bar at his age. Haha
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Lara Hjortsberg|Oct 21, 2019
Smiling reading this -- now I am ready to begin my day! Hike on!!
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