Journal entry by laurie adami

Lots of good goings on for me.

Thursday, my documentary filmmaker came over to the house to shoot an interview for our documentary, see still clip below. Yesterday, I took the plunge and booked my flights to and from Kathmandu (cue up the Bob Seger song...never thought I’d go there). I leave Los Angeles April 7, 2020 and return April 27.

My latest (third) pair of hiking boots seem to be the ones. I have been wearing them everywhere I go and they are comfortable finally. I still have pain in my feet, from cancer treatment related neuropathy but I will be fine. I am hiking this Saturday and Sunday locally so we will see how the current promising boots do.

I am in process to become a Bedside Buddy at the UCLA hospital where I was in “residency” last summer. I was tested to see if my vaccinations for measles, mumps, rubella etc were still protective. My super organized mom kept a hand written vaccination card starting in 1959 (okay so now you all know I am turning the big 6-0 this year, yay!) when I got my shots so that came in handy for the nurse. They took blood, checked my protections and I am good to go. I still have to complete 4 training modules but I am sure that will be interesting.

In the meantime, I have been helping a woman who is in a CAR-T trial at UCLA. She got her CAR-T cells back one week ago and I have been in to see her at the hospital several times. She’s having some modest side effects so that’s a good sign the CAR cells are engrafting.

I was connected to her thru the LLS First Connections program which puts newly diagnosed or relapsed cancer patients in touch with survivors ahead of them on the journey. I am getting very busy with First Connections as CAR-T trials ramp up everywhere. I have to be careful about how I explain my story so I don’t scare people. My experience last summer is increasingly becoming an outlier as they have developed techniques to slow down the CAR-T explosion if it goes too fast like what happened to me. I also likely had one of the largest tumor burdens of surviving CAR-T patients. 

It’s going to be hot in Los Angeles this week so I will swim laps this week. Ben wants me to start working on pushups and upper body strength; Gus suggested I start with knee pushups and build up from there.

Speaking of Gus, on Thursday eve and Friday, he did a double EMT shift. At midnight, they got a call that a person was out of control on one of the streets in Foggy Bottom. EMTs and multiple police responded. He said the woman was very drunk and was likely on meth although she refused to tell them what she had taken. After slugging 3 police officers, they had to restrain her and haul her off in handcuffs to the GWU hospital. He’s seeing some heavy stuff. He also just got certified to drive the ambulance with lights and sirens. He’s wanted to do that since he was about 3 years old, lol. 

Have good weeks.

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