Carol Eminizer|Sep 1, 2019
Wonderful, Laurie! What a great anniversary! And you will be the best bedside buddy ever. You continue to be amazing. Love from all of us!
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Betsy Hoffman|Aug 30, 2019
happy anniversary!
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Ginger Brown|Aug 30, 2019
Happy Birthday Kiddo. You are an inspiration to all. You will make the very best bedside buddy. What a great thing to do!
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Karen Freeman|Aug 30, 2019
What a wonderful celebration! Happy belated CAR-T (full remission) birthday!
You will make an amazing bedside buddy and I'm positive you'll be of great help and comfort to them.
Congratulations on being invited to speak. I would love to attend (energy permitted).
Giant Hugs!
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Amy Hausthor|Aug 30, 2019
You look wonderful, Laurie! And such great news! You are a walking miracle! ❤️
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Betsy Anderson|Aug 30, 2019
Totally awesome Laurie! You look fantastic!!! I hope we can connect sometime in New England. I'll have to train to keep up with you! You are an amazing inspiration!!! xoxoxox
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Robin Cadden|Aug 30, 2019
Amazing grace! Thank you for sharing the photos - you are so strong and beautiful!
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Valerie Martin|Aug 30, 2019
Laurie you look beautiful in these photos. It's so wonderful to see you looking strong and well. Congratulations on your 1st Birthday! Wishing you many more to enjoy. Big Hugs.

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Joanne Jakeman|Aug 29, 2019
I believed in you from the get go!!! Would love to come to the Celebration of Life in October. Yeah, Laurie!!! Any cookies on this coast?
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Lara Hjortsberg|Aug 29, 2019
So excited for you! Dr. Lou was very proud to talk about your excellence this week on the Chair call! You’ve got this!! XOXO to infinity
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