Susana Voets|Aug 8, 2019
LOVE!!!! And LOVE where you are this year. xoxoxo
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Brian Koffman|Aug 8, 2019
What a generous offer by Liz. Your work is making a difference.
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Kim Holiver|Aug 8, 2019
So blessed to have you in my life 💜
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Valentina Dimitrova|Aug 7, 2019
What a great way to contribute and meet to your LLS Everest fundraising goal! Go Laurie! You are our champion.
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Ida Harding|Aug 7, 2019
Proud of you, Laurie!
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Cara Brander|Aug 7, 2019
Amazing Laurie. Sending you much love! I can’t wait to see the pics of your journey. Xoxo Cara
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