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I recently and randomly crossed paths with a real estate agent, Liz Bates, who told me she was interested in changing her commission structure to help fund charities. She wanted to reduce the commission she received in a transaction and encourage the seller to donate at least part of their savings to a charitable organization.

Liz just launched a new business called Liz Bates, Real Estate for Good. She has elected to reduce her commission to 1% of the sale price of any home sale she is involved with. The standard real estate commission is between 5% and 6% of the sale price. The broker on the other side will still take their standard commission but Liz will take much less and is asking her clients to make a donation to charity of at least part of the monies she is saving them in commission.

Liz just closed her first deal under this new model, and her seller donated $2,500 of his commission savings to my Everest Base Camp fundraiser. Reminder that all the monies I raise will fund additional CAR-T and immunotherapy research. Thank you to Ed and his wife Vicky who so generously have supported me (see photo below).

If you know anyone buying or selling a home in Los Angeles, San Diego and Orange Counties, Liz is licensed to transact business in all three counties. 

I am not sure how well I explained Liz’s new approach but you can read more at:

And this is her real estate website which also provides more information:

I was recently reminded that LLS was the first organization to fund CAR-T research back in the 1990s when LLS issued research grants to Arie Belldegrun at UCLA and Karl June at University of Pennsylvania. Arie went on to found KITE Pharmaceuticals which is the CAR-T product that saved my life last summer. The Penn CAR-T product was bought by Novartis and is also performing well. In the 1990s, the idea of using a deactivated HIV virus to supercharge a patient’s T cells was considered science fiction by other potential funders of these two research projects - LLS considered the idea brilliant and jumped in right away to fund them.

I am continuing to train for my trek next year. I have been swimming 4-5 times a week and also started lifting weights to get more upper body strength. Sophie dia Pegrum, the documentary filmmaker who is joining me on my Everest Base Camp trek and is producing a short film will begin to photo journal my training. I will start to post photos and updates on a more regular basis.

One year ago today, I was in the ICU at UCLA Ronald Reagan Hospital just hanging on. Wow, what a difference one year has made. Last year, I was unable to take Gus to D.C. for the start of his freshman year of college. This year, I will help him move into his new living quarters. He is going to be on the student EMT staff on his campus and is very excited to be starting his new mission.

Love you all, laurie
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