Susana Voets|Jul 24, 2019
This is such WONDERFUL news!!! On all accounts!! xoxoxo
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Valerie Martin|Jul 21, 2019
Congratulations on this wonderful news! I'm so glad you are well and enjoying your good health. Nothing matters as much as being right in our own bodies and minds. When are you going to be doing this climb? I do acupuncture in a place that plays beautiful nature videos with medatative music while clients are being treated. One of the regular rotation is the from base camp on Everest. I will think about you and start a meditation for strength to achieve your goal. Xoxo

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Maribeth Dunlavey|Jul 19, 2019
What wonderful news. Enjoy the summer and have fun everyday! So happy for you and your family!
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Brian Koffman|Jul 19, 2019
So happy. You made my weekend!
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Andrew Huddart|Jul 19, 2019
Fantastic news!
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Karen Freeman|Jul 19, 2019
Happy Birthday #1 7/16/18
Happy Birthday #2 7/18/18
Both Amazing Days!
I'm not worried about you climbing to base camp; you are the most determined person. I can't wait to watch the documentary!
Just keep doing and take a rest when needed.
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Lara Hjortsberg|Jul 19, 2019
Still beaming about your happy news!!
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Eleanor Meyer|Jul 19, 2019
So happy for you Laurie! I can't wait to hear more about your journey to Everest.
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Jennifer Field|Jul 18, 2019
What a difference a year makes! Fabulous news!
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Teri Geske|Jul 18, 2019
This news is - I can't find the right word. Awesome? Nah. Fantastic? Meh. Shout from the rooftops? Getting closer... I'm just so happy for you, my friend. What a testament that your doctors will accompany you on the journey to Everest. That's a great metaphor, isn't it?!
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