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Friday the 13th turned out to be a lucky day

Everything went fine today with my third and last chemo. My creatinine level went down since yesterday and my uric acid was normal. My platelets weirdly went up but my hemaglobin is now quite a bit below normal, a result of the chemo. My nurse, Gilbert, had me finished and out of there by 1:30 pm. My fever remained normal the entire time I was there but I will watch it tonight and over the weekend and will also let them know if I have any other symptoms. They can postpone the return of my CAR-T cells up to two weeks if need be if I get an infection as the chemo killed off the lymphocytes necessary to make room for the cells and they won’t start rebuilding for a couple weeks. Of course I don’t want that to happen.

There were several patients in the chemo room today in really bad shape. I won’t go into it here but I felt so sad for their circumstances.

I came home, took a bath and went to sleep. My weight (I don’t care about it btw) has been going up every day, even though my appetite is poor and I haven’t been eating much. I realized I was pumped full of 2 extra liters of fluids all 3 days which equals 6 liters. I looked it up and a liter equals 2 pounds which means I have 12 extra pounds of fluid in my body and I am definitely retaining water. I feel like a big giant water balloon. 
This is really interfering with my sleep as I seem to be in the bathroom every hour (sorry tmi). I should have made them catheterize me so I could just sleep!

Thats today’s update. Going to just try to sleep now.

love, laurie 

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