Claudia Krieger|Jul 13, 2018 (edited)
“Friday the 13th”, Laurie ... You turned a day of “sometimes creepy superstition” into a “WIN DAY”! Dat is your new “Good Luck” tradition going forward...for you to be practicing every Friday the 13th! 😁 👍🏼 🤙. So much every day to add to your fabulous “Gratitude List”! 😁
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Claudia Krieger|Jul 13, 2018
(been reading these entries in a weird order whilst trying to catch-up, so excuse my previous commentary!). YEA, LAURIE!!! YOU GOT THIS, MS. BADASS WARRIOR PRINCESS!!! 😁😁😁
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Elaine Deacon|Jul 13, 2018
Very good .. Excellent...
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Linda Severson|Jul 13, 2018
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Teri Geske|Jul 13, 2018
Ready for lift-off. Visualization: super-charged T-cells, with big smiley faces, flowing effortlessly into all of the nooks and crannies of your body where they are needed, overpowering the bad cancer cells that are no match for the big smiley faces they try to resist, but they shrivel up like the Wicked Witch of the West after Dorothy threw the bucket of water on her (I know, I'm mixing metaphors, but who cares...).
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Bridget Smith|Jul 13, 2018
Great news Laurie! Stay positive and go France!
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Maribeth Dunlavey|Jul 13, 2018
That's good news Laurie. Hope today goes by fast. Try to relax and think happy positive thoughts. You can do this. Stay strong!
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Robert Illes|Jul 13, 2018
Good luck! I have my money on France to get the cup! :-D
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