Claudia Krieger|Jul 13, 2018
We LOVE us dose “Badass Warrior Princesses”, don’t we, Your Highn-ass!?! 😁. (just catching up on your posts now...👍🏼 THIS is a great way to keep us all updated in these crazy busy times...Thank you, Sweetpea!). Re: Charlie’s Mom, please send our Best Wishes to her for a speedy recovery! As to you, Lovebug, what is the “fever report” now/Friday afternoon? How are you feeling? [In the big picture of the whole Car-T approach, I just want to say how proud of you I am!!! Your momentum, like a train moving forward to Success, is awesome and awe-inspiring, Girrrl!!! Bill and I so happy to be onboard your train...with you, Ben, Gus, your Sibs & beloved in-Laws, and with all your “community” here of wonderful, supportive, and loving fellow passengers! TOOT!!! TOOT!!! “Get out of the way, if you don’t want to be run over by this powerful Train!” 😁. 💄👄💋]. Love you!
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Ida Harding|Jul 13, 2018
OMG! What a brave woman SHE is!! I've never heard of anyone doing that.
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Bridget Smith|Jul 13, 2018
Badass extraordinaire meets another one! Praying for fever reduction!
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Kim Holiver|Jul 13, 2018
I think you are BOTH BADASS!
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