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Fever spike

So today’s chemo was much quicker than yesterday’s even though we did the exact same things. Everything went fine but a couple hours after I got home, I started to feel very hot and sweaty. I checked my temperature and it was at 100.2 just below the 100.3 fever that cancer patient are told is the cutoff to go straight to the ER. I contacted the doctor and he suggested I take extra strength Tylenol to try to reduce it and when I get to the chemo room at 7 a.m. tomorrow they will recheck it and see whether I can proceed with day 3 of chemo. It’s not uncommon after chemo to get a fever although in all my chemos over the years I never have. So tomorrow’s a bit iffy at this point and if tomorrow’s iffy, so is the reinfusion of my CAR-T cells on Monday. I am not allowed to get my cells back if I have a fever as the cell reinfusion causes fevers. So things are a bit up in the air right now. Going to try to sleep and see if the night works it thru.

As part of my effort to not just talk about me, me, me in this blog, I have to share an incredible story about my sister, Ginger’s, mother in law. She had to go in for a hip replacement today and she has been saying all along how terrified she is that she won’t wake up from the general anesthesia and she didn’t want the hip replaced if it required GA. When she met with the anesthesiologist in the operating room, she told him absolutely no general anesthesia and she just wanted an epidural. He and the surgeon were pretty shocked but agreed to do that and she was conscious during the entire surgery, heard everything, the doctors talking, and the saw as it cut out her hip joint. Everything went fine, she got what she wanted and is doing great and goes home tomorrow morning. She’s 79 years old. OMG, you guys think I am a badass what about HER?!!


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