Kathy Naylor|Jul 12, 2018
Hi Laurie! I hope you get this comment today on July 12. I couldn’t login to the current update so I went back a day and seem to be able to get a hold of you this way . You are really able to describe the process in detail, and I can appreciate it. I’m sorry to hear that you have a fever today, and hope that with rest and Tylenol you’ll bust it. I hope you can carry-on with the week’s routine so that you can go into the hospital as planned. It’s really an involved procedure! Thanks for sharing all about this. I’m with you all the way. And best wishes to Ginger’s mother-in-law and her recovery. Sending lots of love!
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Valentina Dimitrova|Jul 12, 2018
Hopefully Day 3 will be the smoothest and everything will go much quickly for you. Please try to watch TV (maybe another soccer game) or talk to someone during the chemo so the time goes faster.
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Paula Christensen|Jul 12, 2018
The chemo is doing it’s work, but the patient is having a rough time. Hopefully a nap is in your future. Hang tough.
Love, Paula
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Kim Holiver|Jul 12, 2018
I hope you can get some sleep during chemo that makes your day feel shorter....
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Elaine Deacon|Jul 12, 2018
Bowling and golf channels good idea...lol....You got this Laurie...Good Luck today.
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Barbara Goldberg|Jul 12, 2018
Yes, that will help lots, keeping your sense of humor and being thankful that you've got such a great treatment plan with docs looking out for every possible negative impact.
love and kisses
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Robert Illes|Jul 12, 2018
PS, The Golf Channel! You'll sleep like a baby! Hahahaha If that fails Pro Bowling works too. ;)
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Ida Harding|Jul 12, 2018
The wait is sooo difficult, I can imagine.
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Robert Illes|Jul 12, 2018
Yikes! I hope you get some sleep today. :)
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