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Chemo Day 2

Here even earlier for chemo day 2. Hoping some how, some way, the process will go more smoothly and quickly for me than yesterday did. I didn’t get out of here til 4:30 yesterday, was in the chair for 8 1/2 hours. The thing that slowed things down is that I have a blockage in my right kidney which is the nhl. They had to hydrate me before, during and after I got the two chemo drugs. Plus they premedicated me with an antinausea drug and another drug to protect my kidney from the chemo.

I had a bad night last night, was up most of the night just unable to sleep. Gave up at 5:30. Hopefully I can sleep during chemo today. Then I rinse and repeat and do day 3 chemo tomorrow. Trying to keep my sense of humor. 

Saturday I have errands to run to get ready to go in the hospital and Sunday, I check in the hospital. Monday I will get my CAR T cells back. After I get my cells back, it’s a waiting game to see what side effects I get.

More later!

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