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Why worry

I was driving to UCLA this morning for the first of 3 days of conditioning chemo to make room for my bazillions of GM CAR T-cells.  The Dire Straits song “Why Worry” came on the radio as I neared UCLA. The Mark Knopler lyrics were quite appropos for my circumstances:

        “Baby, I see this world has made you sad
         Some people can be bad 
         The things they do, the things they say 

         But baby, I’ll wipe away those bitter tears
         I’ll chase away those restless fears
         And turn your gray skies into blue

         Why worry    
         There should be laughter after pain
         There should be sunshine after rain 
         These things have always been the same 
         So why worry now
         Why worry now”

Due to the 2 hour prechemo hydration and the 2 hour postchemo hydration (a continued effort to protect my kidneys), chemo will take around 8 hours today, tomorrow and Friday. I am confirmed to check into the hospital Sunday night and dr. De Vos said he will text me over the weekend, when he can confirm the time on Monday that I will get my T cells reinfused. 

One last thing, my chemo nurse, Diamond, who has been with me for years (since I started CAL101 in 2011) told me this morning that she has never met such a selfless person as me. What a compliment to get.

Love, Laurie

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