Jane Cormack|Jul 10, 2018
What wonderful news! I will be praying for more good results along the way, strength for you and your family, wisdom for the doctors, techs, nurses . . . all who will be helping you kick the cancer to the curb. You are brave beyond words. Thank you!
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Valerie Martin|Jul 10, 2018
That's beautiful. We're so excited for the good news. Stay the course brave one and best to Gus starting school.
With love from Korea
Val and Dave
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Valentina Dimitrova|Jul 10, 2018
What a great news Laurie! Please say THANK YOU to doctor de Vos for the exceptional care he provides to you.
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Paula Christensen|Jul 10, 2018
You are Wonder Woman to me.
P.S. You are allowed to be a little bit in love with your oncologist .
XO Paula
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Bridget Smith|Jul 10, 2018
Great news Laurie! Awesome for Gus too! Keep the power going and kick azz lady!
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Maribeth Dunlavey|Jul 9, 2018
We are all cheering for you. You sure have a lot of friends that care so much about you and your lovely family.
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Paul Und Mark|Jul 9, 2018
What it must feel like to have a physician like de Vos...
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laurie sherve|Jul 9, 2018
Path? I’d call this an expedition. Great news today, hope that the chemo is easy on u the next several days. Your doctor sounds deeply involved and paying close attention. You are doing fantastic - and THANK YOU for keeping us updated! As always thinking of u!
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Ida Harding|Jul 9, 2018
Wonderful news!!
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Kim Holiver|Jul 9, 2018
We are Team Peanut!
You have humans and angels supporting you 💞❤️ Great need today!
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