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A good news kind of day

I was at UCLA today, hoping to move things along and got plenty of welcome news. My blood counts are all good to proceed with pre-conditioning chemo this Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. The Neulasta shot and subsequent pain on the 4th were well worth it as I now have a barn breaking 12,000 white blood cells, yay! That should protect me from any and all infections. Gus has had a summer cold for around 5 days but thankfully I haven’t gotten it.
As to the baseline scans today, while the PET/CT scan showed there was good shrinkage since my chemo 12 days ago, there is still plenty of lymphoma for the car T cells to work. I stopped at the grocery store 15 minutes after I left UCLA and De Vos texted me when I was walking into the market, with the scan results. Methinks he was nervous about the result to have checked so quickly and posted me with the good news.  Love that man.  I see him tomorrow at 1 pm to further talk about about today’s results and expectations about side effects and how they will be alleviated.
I did my hospital packing list, need to get to a bookstore to get some puzzle books. I know I can do them on line but I like taking pen to paper, I am old school that way.
Gus is at his first day of UCLA EMT school today. It is from 8 am-5 pm. He left here at 7 this morn to drive to Westwood. They have classroom instruction from 8 a.m. to noon and then hands on skills from 1 pm to 5 pm. He will also have lots of homework every night. He told me last night that the first unit is on anatomy, makes sense. 

That’s it from here, thank you everyone who is reading and supporting me as I walk this path.

love, Laurie 

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