Elaine Deacon|Jul 9, 2018
Hi Laurie, Maribeth contacted me and filled me in..I read all your updates...You are a strong woman and always have been....You can beet this...I am praying for you every day...Thank You so much for the updates...
Love and Hugs my dear friend,
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Eleanor Meyer|Jul 9, 2018
How wonderful. Sending good, healthy vibes your way.
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Kathy Naylor|Jul 8, 2018
The candles lit across the ocean in here at home are beautiful gestures. My prayers for you continue, Laurie, each morning when I do my meditation. You are loved…
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Ida Harding|Jul 8, 2018
Really thoughtful and loving gesture.
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Kim Holiver|Jul 8, 2018
Such dear friends to light your candle ! And in such a powerful place! I have a candle that smells like birthday cake! I am going to light it next Monday morning in honor of the birth of your cancer free life ahead!
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