Lisa Swanson|Apr 20, 2019
Wow... crossing fingers toes and eyes for good results for you Lauri! (Yes, I can do all those things...) <3
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laurie sherve|Jul 19, 2018
All sounds great! Just back from a week-long whitewater trip down the Main Salmon (River of No Return) in the Idaho Wilderness. Just back last night, but thinking of you and your CAR-T cells and cheering that you have had your infusion and all is fine!! Your team sounds so dedicated! Thank you so much for your ongoing following along and 25 laps? Wow. love., the other Laurie
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Teri Geske|Jun 22, 2018
Dear Laurie,
As I read your posting about what you have been going through to prepare for the clinical trial, I see again that, as always, you are unfailingly open, forthright and pragmatic about all of this. Although I cannot really know what you are going through, sharing the details helps me to feel that I am in contact with you, and am really a part of your support system.

I have also been thinking that, just like when we worked together, I have rarely (if ever) met anyone who is as well prepared and informed as you are. Those traits always served you so well at work (as you prepared for and delivered presentations, created budgets and forecasts, participated in board meetings, etc.), and I believe your grasp of the medical details, your ability to ask insightful questions, your ability to make informed, rational decisions every step of the way, will be a great asset to you in this process. I'm sure Dr. de Vos knows very well how thorough and intelligent you are and he and the team probably see you as both a patient and a partner in the clinical trial. I wish you didn't have to go through any of this, but they are lucky to have you.

Let me know when you want someone to keep you company - remember, I have access to a UCLA parking pass!

Love and hugs to you,
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Jane Cormack|Jun 22, 2018
Hey Laurie, long time no "talk". I imagine your ears were ringing a couple of years ago when a friend of mine here in Alabama got diagnosed with NHL and received the CAL-101. I remember telling him about you and that you were part of the clinical trial. I'm so grateful you did the trial and got some stability. I will be praying for you , your family and your team as you take this next journey. Many thanks for your bravery in going through yet another clinical trial. Hugs of love, Jane aka Cookie Monster
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Jane Swartz|Jun 22, 2018
Best of luck to you Laurie. Well written post. The more I think of it, very appropriate to do the debulk CVP.
Thank you so much for sharing, and for being in this important clinical trial. Much love and positivity to you!
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