Thoughts & Well Wishes

April Mellem | Apr 1, 2018
Our Dear Lauren,
Our thoughts, prayers and love are with you and we thank God for all the miracles He has given us so far.  You are a blessing and we are so thankful for your loving Dad and Mom and brother and all the wonderful people who are supporting you through this time of healing.  God is with you always.
We love you so much!
Aunt April
Carmen Welker | Apr 5, 2018
Hi Lauren!  This is Carmen (and Bill), your next-door neighbors (Dallas' parents).  We only just recently heard about your accident and were shocked and elated to hear that you survived such a horrible fall. That HAD to be God, and He gets ALL the glory for this.  Halleluyah!  My goodness, honey, please know we are praying for your complete recovery.  Get well soon, and if you wish to contact me, just send an email to ... We are both here for you if you need anything.