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November 29, 2020

As we’re wrapping up this holiday season, our family has realized that the word “thankful” has taken on an entirely new meaning this year. Being able to spend time together with our mom is the most precious thing we could ever ask for. We are grateful not only to have our mom with us but also for the community of family, friends, medical staff, coworkers, and more who have continuously provided us support. We are also so proud of all those who completed the socially distanced 5k to promote heart health and cheer on our mom from a far (see the picture)!

Of course, every day is not always filled with sunshine and rainbows, but the challenges seem to be fewer and further apart. Up to this point, she has received positive reports from her monthly check-ins at Mayo Clinic, and the doctors are amazed with her progress. 

My sister and I decided that the best way to finish the final post for our mom’s heart transplant journey would be to allow it to come from her.

“From what started as the most shocking and scariest year of my life to now being able to do more than I have been able to in years, I feel so blessed to have been given another chance at life. In my past, I have tried to always be the caregiver to others but now I have had to rely on so many to take care of me. Through this, I have realized how special it is to give and to receive.” - Laura Turnquist

*Please note that the tributes page/donations on this website benefits CaringBridge and their mission, it does not go to Laura or our family. If you would like to help our parents with funding of medical costs as well as their 4-7 month stay at Mayo (Rochester), please visit https://gofundme.com/f/laura039s-new-heart to make a donation.

With gratitude, love, and faith in Jesus,

Dave & Laura

Lesa & Tanner

Katie & Tanner James

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  • Denise King : Praise God for the Good News! Glad things are going well for you! Merry Christmas! What a special holiday season for you all!
  • Connie Swenson-Demers : Thankful things are going well for Laura. May you continue to receive positive reports. Enjoy this holiday season and stay safe!
  • Courtney Lytle : Glad you are doing well and have a MERRY CHRISTMAS!
  • Sherry Mandernach : So glad you’re doing so well Laura!! What a very special holiday season for you all! Enjoy every minute and make those memories! Merry Christmas to you all!