Thoughts & Well Wishes

janice baxter | Apr 16, 2018
So sorry for what you are once again going thru,I can't seem to find words.I can only say my prayers and thoughts are with you I also have friends at church that are praying also. I haven't met you but you are the granddaughter of my dearest highschool friend.I feel her pain and I also had a daughter that went thru a lot of difficulties so I can relate. Keep faith and we are with you..Love you.
Lisa Simmons | Jan 22, 2015
So glad to hear an update from you! I really was worried the sepsis would knock you out of the game and frankly am surprised at how well you are now considering. The surgery sounded really hard and I know what you mean about feeling the worst ever and even trying to watch tv is a struggle plus keeping on top of meds (I am just starting to learn what my meds are again right now; and you and I are both very atypical from not knowing and being a part of everything and just moving forwards be it an open head or daily resuscitation at home).

Stay strong girl!

This reading/writing is my brain rehab and hand/cardio. No I'm not joking. Yes it's that sad that we can laugh, just don't cause a headache doing so.
Faith Webb | Jan 17, 2015
Hey Laura....Just wanted you to know that we are continuing our thoughts and prayers that things might be going in the right direction.

Your strength, determination and attitude during times like this encourage so many others. Hang in there and if you ever need to vent please call.
Allissa Rower | Dec 30, 2014
Hey girl! I'm so sorry things are so rough for you right now! I too had an infection that was from my port (not anything like yours) but it totally sucked so again, I'm so sorry you have to go through this! I'll pray that they can find the source of infection, that it starts to go away and your wbc goes down and most of all that you start feeling better with loads more energy!!! Sending you gentle hugs and lots of love,

Lisa Simmons | Dec 30, 2014
First off glad to hear the skin graft is mostly holding.

Second; with the skin being open there so long I'm surprised an infection hasn't happened sooner, but I know you like me can follow rules to a T to help prevent that stuff.

I'm sorry they had to remove the pier and hope it is the cause of the continuing infection and wbc count rise despite iv antibiotics and steroids and such.

I'm also so sorry you're septic and really am sending everything I can towards you that this infection is beat. So not what you needed for the holidays (or any day).

Thinking of you and if you ever wanna text you can email me for my # at though I suspect at this time you're too tired. I know the feeling as I've had insane fevers and attached bugs before, though never sepsis. (I'm on oral chemo and IV steroids so my immune system isn't what it used to be; the chemo is for my mast cell disease).

Sending good hospital foods your way.

Briana Hoffer | Sep 9, 2014
Dear Laura,

Well I'm glad you are writing and alive. I was worried since I hadn't heard from you, but I know how it is when healing just not feeling up to writing on caringbridge.

I'm sorry your not doing well, as we all hope and I know you and your family all hope, you were doing, but God knows & we trust that! I'm glad you got to go out to your close friends wedding and have a great time!!!

Every time I read your caringbridge, I pray for you right then and there and that sooner than later it will be something of the past & testimony for the future. You inspire me! I talk to a lot of people about you, when they say I'm going thru a lot, most of the time I refer to you and say "No Laura is going thru a lot!!!" In life we need people like that! That's some of what keeps things in perspective.

Praying for you and that this surgery goes well!! Glad this time you'll be surrounded my family and friends.

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Fr. Qui-Thac Nguyen | Oct 20, 2007

Thank you for letting us know and therefore able to share in your struggles and hopes. Know that your community at Sacred Heart continues to keep you close to our hearts in prayer. We thank God for you and ask that Mary and the saints watch over you and keep you close to Jesus.

Sacred Heart Catholic Church