Journal entry by Laura Kennedy

Hi! It's a beautiful day at Geauga hospital! I've actually been home for about a week now. I got home last Wednesday and slept and slept.  I feel like I'm a little more tired this time around and since I've been home everything I eat has a bitter aftertaste, but I still feel good.

My picc line was giving me a bit of discomfort last week and was looking a little red, so they took some blood cultures to make sure it's not infected. Everything is negative, so it looks like the picc line gets to stay, which I'm thankful for, so they don't have to stick me every time we need a blood draw or chemo or infusion or anything.  So happy news.

Since my numbers are dropping as we would expect after chemo, I'm more prone to bloody noses, other bleeding and I'm seeing some more petichia again. So I am very thankful that I am getting platelets today to help stop all that. 

In other news.... Yay! The girls have a treehouse!  We cut down an 80 foot pine tree 2 summers ago. Last summer we began to build the treehouse on what we left.  This past weekend, my dad and Mike finished it up!  I'm attaching some pictures. They girls want to add a pulley system to the house on the second floor, and we'll get some chairs and things up there for them to hang out.  But the structure itself is complete! They are so excited! Fun Summer times!
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