Thoughts & Well Wishes

Eileen & Stan Paulauskas | Apr 13, 2020
Happy (belated) Easter, Laura, 😍
Sooo glad to read your great news yesterday!!
I can only imagine how excited you are with anticipation of being in your own home with Mike & the girls again. May your next few days pass quickly until your release.
We will keep in touch following your road to getting control of this leukemia, so you can return to your normal life again.
All our love, thoughts, and prayers,

❤Aunt Eileen & Uncle Stan👋🙏😷🤧💐
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Ursula Hays | Apr 11, 2020
Dear Laura,
I am thinking about you on this Easter and wish you a steady and successful recovery.  I am so happy that the results are positive.  Nothing but positive and best wishes.  Everything that makes your happy which includes music and a prayer.  Get well my friend so you can return to your home and family!
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Nancy Baldwin | Apr 10, 2020
Hey Laura. Reading through your journals takes me back to four years ago. I’m sooo sorry you had to deal with the full body rash. I remember that vividly. Your haircut is adorable! I love it. Keep up your beautiful positive spirit. Remember God has you in the palm of His hand and many, many people are praying for you, even when you do not have the strength to. 
Love you girl!! It was great to see Mike and the girls even if they were behind the door and us in our car. Miss your smile. 🥰
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Mardi Stromann | Apr 10, 2020
Dear Laura, you our thoughts and prayers throughout the day. I know you are in good hands! God is good! Yes! You have the strength. Strength you never knew! Easter is upon us. Sending prayers of patience, strength, healing and grace. The Stromann Family SJA
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Melissa and Paul Howard | Apr 10, 2020
Dear Laura,  My husband and I want you to know we are praying for you and your sweet family.  We have met a couple of times at Sean Collins' birthday parties (we are his maternal grandparents), and we love Evelyn. May our precious Lord pour out His grace on you and your loved ones, and may the peace of Christ, which passes all understanding, guard your heart and your mind in Him. 
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Debbie | Mar 22, 2020
Hi Laura!

i hope that the treatment goes well and is not hard on you so that you will be back home soon.  You are an incredible person with steely inner strength, I know you will get through this!  I am here, don't hesitate to call or text for distraction.  Love you!
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