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May 09-15

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The Laura McDonough Memorial Fund

It’s no surprise that after a full week without Laura’s physical presence in our lives, friends and family are experiencing a range of emotions. Deep sadness can give way to laughter when a funny memory pops up, and then that laughter can provoke tears. There’s also a “what now?” feeling.

How can we continue to share our lives with Laura? Where can we go to talk and connect with her? The answer, of course, is anywhere. Yet we earthlings really like to have a place, a destination, a special spot that is dedicated to the memory of the ones we’ve loved.

Laura found solace in the water. The grand body at our doorstep serves as a place to watch, listen, and just—be. So let’s meet Laura at the water.

A memorial fund in honor of our dear friend has been established to cover the cost of erecting a bench in Laura’s name at Covill Park in Red Wing, Minnesota. It will sit just where she’d like it to be, right next to the water.

As spring nears and we all run outside to breathe in the fresh air, this will be a place to sit with Laura and tell her about all the forbidden treats we are indulging in at her directive. To contribute to this forever Laura spot, please send a check to The Laura McDonough Memorial Fund, c/o Red Wing Credit Union, 3303 N. Service Dr., Red Wing, MN 55066. Any extra monies collected will be donated to a charitable cause dear to Laura’s heart.

Many thanks to Linda Flanders for conjuring up the idea, and to both her and Evan for bringing it to fruition. I plan to celebrate with cheese.


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