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Journal entry by Amy Welty

Sorry for the delay in an update. We had Larry's big 100 day meeting almost three weeks ago. For transplant patients, this is an important day where you meet and discuss all of his testing on his organs and the most current biopsy report. Larry received really good news that he was not showing any organ damage from his high doses of chemo. We also received news that his bone marrow showed no signs of cancer. Under a microscope his bone marrow looks like his donor. His white blood cells are 100%donor, his total blood cells are 84%donor. By 100 days they like to see that you are getting close to 100 percent on all counts. The only count that was low was Larry's red blood cells. The donor cells are at 17%. So, basically Larry has a few remaining immune cells that were not killed off by the chemo. They are fighting with the donor cells and keeping hers from taking over as quickly as they should.  So, what this means is that his cells would eventually take back over and cause a relapse in his Myelofibrosis. This week Larry is receiving another dose of chemo to kill off any of his remaining immune cells. He will then get another dose of stem cells from his donor to try and kickstart her red blood cells. This procedure can be done up to three times, six weeks in between each treatment. We are hoping that it will only take this one. Larry's doctor thinks that it is a good sign that his bone marrow looks completely like his donor, so the cells are in there and know what to do. We are hoping that this little kickstart will help. Please keep us in your prayers as Larry continues to fight to stay cancer free.

  Larry is back at work and has been for about a month. We are still having to be so careful due to Covid. His team feels that it would no longer necessarily be fatal if he caught it but he would definitely be hospitalized.  I am back to virtual teaching, so hopefully we can all stay healthy in order to keep him healthy. We continue to appreciate all the support everyone has given us. Your prayers and words of encouragement are invaluable to us. I will hopefully have an update in a few weeks about how the new cells are doing.

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