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Site created on April 15, 2019

Our dad was experiencing cardiac symptoms at bedtime on Wednesday 4/10/19 and asked Mom to call for the ambulance.  In the days to follow, it was determined that he had internal bleeding in his GI tract, along with having experienced a significant heart attack.  He was being treated at Santa Rosa Memorial Hospital until 4/13/19, when he was transferred to Mills-Peninsula Medical Center, just south of the San Francisco Airport.  Here they will work on fixing his heart, undergoing multiple tests and procedures, to get his healing moving in a positive direction.  We appreciate you checking in on him and us, and welcome your prayers for healing, steady hands, and strong hearts.

Newest Update

Journal entry by Jennifer Schansberg

Hi everyone, Jennifer here again.

Just a super fast update before I hit the sack. It's been an exhausting roller coaster couple of days!

As mentioned, Dad's procedure went extremely well. He spent yesterday recovering in the ICU being poked, prodded, and monitored. He did very well, with no immediate complications, and we were allowed to take him home this afternoon! There was a bit of trouble with the monitoring system he has to wear for the next two weeks, but we were happy enough he was still with us, none of the delay really mattered. When asked how he felt just prior to final discharge, Dad said he was "elated" and ready to give up his bed and his room to the next patient.

The next steps are really just sort of normal and ordinary. Aside from some check up doctor visits in the coming week, the rest is really just modifying some lifestyle stuff - food and exercise and all those heart-healthy things. 

So after next week, I think my time here will come to a close. All four of us will continue to support both Mom and Dad from near and far. We know there will be some trial and error on some of the changes and modifications that need to be made, but that's to be expected. Nobody is perfect. We just move forward. 

I wish there was a way we could thank everyone personally for all the support, kindness, generosity, flexibility, prayers... people we know, people we don't know, colleagues, co-workers, friends, friends of friends - and certainly not LEAST the INCREDIBLE doctors and nurses at Sutter Health and Mills Peninsula hospital. You have all been so supportive and immeasurably vital to our family's health, well-being and recovery. We can never thank you enough, and if ever the Swanson family's thoughts and prayers and best wishes are required, we will be there for you.

With much love,
The Swanson girls
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