Larry’s Story

Site created on November 1, 2018

Larry was in a very severe car accident. With God’s grace and mercy her survived when many felt he wouldn’t. His journey is going to be long but with all of  your encouragement and support will mean a lot to him. 

Newest Update

Journal entry by Stacie Hurlburt

Here is a quick update on Larry Sr. He remains in the rehab hospital and from the sound of it physical therapy is working him pretty hard some days and it really wears him down. The kids call him frequently and I did notice that Madison kept saying “what “ “what” a lot so I’m not sure if he was hard to understand that day. One request I do have is if all his friends and family could please pray about the Lords will be done when it comes to his future placement or where he will live down the road.  I dont want to go into any detail but the Lord knows what it is about. I encourage everyone to send cards to show him your love and support. 
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