Thoughts & Well Wishes

Jeff Wilush | Mar 24, 2021

You know you have the love and support of all that you have touched with your kindness, friendship, compassion and joy over all of these years. I hope that those memories are helping you through this difficult time, I know they are helping each of us in their special way. You have touched so many in important ways and I want you to know that I am very grateful to be one of those lucky ones who enjoy your friendship.  
Malik Gray | Mar 24, 2021
Dr. Real,
Always thought you had the best last name. Your last name sums up what my short time with you meant to me. You never sugar coated always told truth. Your authentic nature inspires me to this day. Until we meet again my friend, know that you always have a place in my heart. I am attaching a picture from when we attended The National Council of Behavioral Health conference in Seattle ,Washington a few years ago. Good times!!!!
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Katya Tatarchuk | Mar 24, 2021
Happy Birthday Dr. Real, sending you a lot of love today. I believe you took this photo at the Women's Brunch in 2019. We were so lucky that you were able to have Dr. Altha Stewart come and be the keynote for our meeting. We are all thinking of you.
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Steven Burkitt | Mar 24, 2021
Dr. Real, you have been an inspiration to me since I first met you.  Your embrace and championing of recovery-oriented care has meant so much to so many.  I will never forget the peace you brought to a grieving family, staff, and community of participants at WA when you read the Mourner's Kaddish during a memorial service for a beloved lost participant.  You helped to heal us all.  You went above and beyond your role as a Medical Director with the humanity and compassion you brought to the job, because that is who you are.  Thank you for the guidance, perspective, humility, sense of humor, and expertise you brought to the behavioral health community.  We are all the better for it!  
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Donna McNelis | Mar 24, 2021
Hi Larry:  For years our professional lives intersected at different venues.  We worked together at the Institute for Psychiatric Services, PHL educational projects and then NAMI Montgomery County, PA.  You have inspired many trainees to become community psychiatrists.  Your knowledge, spirit and compassion is amazing.  You are in my heart.