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Jul 05-11

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Well, we are still in NYC but doing ok. They have decided to do a procedure similar to an angiogram which will light up the vasculature in his liver and if they can they will open up or close off vessels to create flow to the right side of his liver.  While we were not expecting to be here this long, I am thankful they want to move forward now and make this plan of the hepatic pump work.  A huge praise- the medical oncology team was able to move some appointments around so that we no longer have to return on the 21st and all day on Christmas Eve. They were able to schedule everything on the 21st so we can enjoy Christmas at home!  Very grateful for that.  As always, thank you for all of the prayers and words of encouragement.  God is good all the time, and we are blessed through all of you. 
Much love,

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