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Site created on August 1, 2009

Over eight years ago Larry was diagnosed with Polycystic Kidney Disease (PKD). This is a genetic, progressive disease that can lead to loss of kidney function. Larry received a kidney transplant from his cousin, Kay Glodowski. Unfortunately, Larry will be needing another kidney transplant and is currently battling new health issues. More information will be posted to updates soon!

Newest Update

Journal entry by Larry & Mary Glodoski

Mary and I braved the polar vortex (or "cold snap" as my dad used to say), travelling to Rochester Sunday to beat the snow.  We did, in fact, win that race (Rochester received 8 or so inches of snow Sunday night) only to find out our ONE appointment on Monday was rescheduled for Tuesday.  Oh well, we went to a movie in the afternoon and relaxed.

So, enough with the pleasantries.  My scalp has healed well (EVERYONE here says "wow, that looks so good"), and all indications show that cancer has not reappeared.  As I've mentioned, this is a cancer that "doesn't like to behave", so every blemish, bump, or red spot on or near my scalp makes me quite nervous.  Dermatology, radiation oncology, and the ENT surgeon are all very upbeat and pleased with things - this is all a product of their professional work, and we are very thankful.  As usual, I couldn't escape Derm without having a chunk of skin biopsied (this time on a clavicle).  She wasn't concerned, but just wanted to be safe.  So I won't be concerned either.

Aside from that good news, my meeting with the Nephrology NP also brought good news.  My creatinine level, which had been on a slow rise (indicating kidney function decrease) actually came down a bit.  My BUN is currently at 52, and dialysis usually isn't needed until that number is over 100.  Bottom line is I am hopefully going to avoid dialysis for at least a year, and a slight possibility of avoiding it for two years (which would bring me to transplant time).  I tried to negotiate an accelerated transplant time frame with Dermatology, but they weren't buying what I was selling...

Mary and I enjoyed our time in Rochester - it really was pretty relaxing.  We again stayed at the Gift of Life Transplant House, and met many folks fighting their own individual battles.  I am thankful for my health, and the support of my family and friends.  Monday marks one year since my mom passed away, so it's a good time to reflect on the past year.  And to also look forward to the upcoming one!  Stay warm!

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