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If you are looking for the services of property managers to look after your property then there are certain questions and queries that you are supposed to make. A property manager is the person who would look after your property on your behalf and would provide your property the best lookout, maintenance and care. When a person is handling over his valuable property to someone then definitely he would desire for the best care in the same, and this will come if a professional is taking care of the requirement.

While you hire the property management company, you should ask few certain questions which will ensure that your investment is going in the right direction. I am listing here 11 such smart questions you should ask property manager before hiring. Follow the questions and you would get a direction for the search.

Q1) How Long You Have Been in Business?

Don’t hesitate to ask the company about the experience. Ask them how long they have been in the business industry. In case, they are new then they might be motivated for the work but this can be risk too. If you have got the professionals to deal with your things then that is an additional brownie for you.

Q2) How Many Properties You Are Currently Managing?

This will boost up your confidence level and would ensure you that you are going to make a right decision. Ask them about the property they are managing presently. You can take a review of the places and hence would come to know about the working strategy of the company and this will also enable you in knowing how your property would be cared by them in future.

Q3) Which Software Technology You Are Using?

Technology is the one of the most important aspect to manage a property related business. If you want that everything should go on well, then you must have knowledge about the technology they would be using. Ask them about the software they would use for the work management. Also enquire, if the software is actually responsive or not. The software they are using should be user friendly, so that you can access it anytime and check the work.

Q4) What Type of Warranties Do You Provide?

Assurance is the biggest thing that a person wants whenever he is looking for any product or services. If you are hiring a property manager don’t forget to ask about the warranties in the service they would provide. A company which is ready to provide you certain warranties for few services would always be better choice.

Q5) Can I Use My Own Contractors?

The services of property management companies are never cheap. They would charge a handsome amount for quality services and it is because they have their own contractors. In case, you think that your contractor can provide you the deal in cheaper price then you can ask the managers if you can use your own contractors. There are few companies which are never comfortable with any third party services. Hence you should ask and assure for this beforehand.

Q6) What is the Payment Mode?


Property managers charges differently. Few charges on monthly basis whereas there are few who will charge quarterly or annually, before you sign the deal ask this from the managers so that you would be comfortable with the same and then proceed. Also ask them if there is any special payment mode they are expecting. Like there are many property manager companies that will take only cash or card.

Q7) Is There Any Extra Fee for Additional Services?

To be at the safer side of everything beforehand is necessary. In case you are hiring a property manager, you should ask about the extra charges of add-on services. Also ask if the fees that they have mentioned is final or they would be taking some extra charges in the name of taxes or convenience charge.

Q8) What is Your Module for Handling Emergency?

Emergency can happen anytime and everyone should be prepared for the same. Being the owner of the property it is your right to ask the manager as how they will deal with the emergency cases. You should be aware of this before you make the final deal.

Q9) What is Your Policy for Move-Outs?

Not every time you can expect that everything good will happen with the property. In case, the company is not appropriate or you are not satisfied then what is the policy of move-out for the same. Also know about the vacancy policy and the notice period they would give to leave their services. You should be aware of the legal proceedings too.

Q10) What is the Renewal Policy and Time?

For how long the contract is valid and when it has to be renewed, you should ask this from the managers. Also know from them about the renewal policies and try to understand the legal formalities which are included in the same.

Q11) How Frequently You Will Do Inspection of the Property?

Knowing this is your right being the property owner. Enquire from them as how frequently they would inspect the property. As you gave them the charge of your property hence you must ensure that they will do regular inspection to know everything is going on right.

A property manager will look after your property whereas a good property management company in Baltimore would ensure that you are stress-free. There is a huge difference between the two and you will get to know about the same when you will ask them certain questions. The 11 questions which we have mentioned here would assist you to choose the right one for your task.

Check the credibility and authenticity of the company before you hire because this is the only way for you to ensure that you are landing your property in the right hands. Having a trustworthy and experienced property management company is always a treasure and hence you can actually take the best benefit of your investment in property.

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