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Martheil Mauthe-Clanton | Dec 28, 2016
Praying that numbers rise, anxiousness declines, and Lance is home in no time. Protocols have a purpose and keep us safe, and routines help us remember what's needed to succeed. From each of the Clantons to each of you, we have you in our hearts and prayers: Battle on!!!
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Meiko Grant | Dec 20, 2015

Hi!  So I was glued to the TV for the State Football Championship game as our daughter attends Lone Star High School.  (Congrats by the way:)  When your family came on and Lance started talking I immediately got my 9 year old leukemia kid so he could watch.  We are a little ahead of you in the journey as Hamilton has been OT for 2 years. (I know it seems far away but you will get there:)  HIs little immune system is taking its sweet time bouncing back so we couldn't go to the game.  Hamilton was glued to Lance not only because they have this thing in common but mainly because he's a football player.  Ham was 3 at dx and hasn't been up to playing anything and wants to play football so much.  Please pass on to Lance when we saw his story (and all of those blond heads) we didn't know who to cheer for Lone Star or Cedar Park (but don't tell Lone Star:)  lol  and that he inspired my little cancer kid on Saturday.  Here is the link to our Caringbrige (although we update by FB mostly now)  and my email in case you have those heading to the end of treatment questions that we all have. lol  Just wanted to let you know y'all have another family of prayer warriors here in the BIg D!!!!  Take good care,

Meiko Grant

Mommy to the cutest  9 year old cancer kid ever:)

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