Journal entry by Shelley Wells

Laiven had her appointment, and we are BLESSED TO BE ABLE TO SAY... 100% LOGAN ON ALL THE IMPORTANT BONE MARROW TESTING!!! GLORY TO GOD, PRAISE JESUS!!! Next appointment will be in 2 weeks, then possibly home!!!
She will be continually monitored for graph host, with medication.  That will be for a while...NOTHING compared to what she’s been through!
Please know... EVERY ONE OF YOU have mattered!  Every thought, every Prayer, Everything!  The support from everyone brings tears! I wanted you all to know!!!
Dear Heavenly Father,
You have given us a very special gift and Blessing!  We Praise You, and We Thank You!  We are beyond excited that Laiven is truly done with chemo, and we Pray this will be forever!  Thank you for the Beautiful breakthrough of stem cells!  We Pray for these miracles to continue, everyday, for everyone suffering from fatal, and debilitating diseases!  Keep the Cures coming, Dear Father, and May you receive the Glory!  
Only you know,  every person who has thought of Laiven, and our family, Prayed for us, Covered us, walked with us... they each helped us through this.  Bless them Father.  We want them to know how much it meant, and how much our family appreciates everything!  We continue to Pray for all of the people we have met.  We Pray for their fight, and we Grieve for those who lost their battles.  Dear Jesus, we know it’s not over.  We Pray Laiven’s medicines continue to keep the graph host in complete remission.  We ask that Logan’s cells, and her cells, work together as a delicate balance, keeping her body free of cancers and diseases.  We ask that you keep satan out of our minds, bodies, and souls, as well as every home, hospital and treatment Center!  Your Love is everywhere, for everybody suffering!  Faith and Prayer are Your gift.  We Pray for those who are seeking You, May the find You!
We ask that you use this situation for Your Glory only.  Please shine through us, as we continue in Faith and Prayer everyday.  Thank you for our Beautiful Family, our Friends, and every person who we do not know, that held us up in every way! God Bless us all!
In Jesus’ Name,
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