Journal entry by Shelley Wells

Laiven and Lance went home, I’m here for another week or so!


Laiven had a doctor’s appointment on Tuesday.  She is Prayerfully and Faithfully ready to go home, only having to come back once a month.  I wanted to stay here for a while... just so I can keep her well, and in a bubble!   She’s not having it!  Lance and I let her go to Lubbock, for a week, to move her bed etc.   she settled right back into college life, as some of you may know!  She is a social child!   She’s missed out on several months, but she’s here!   She’s on this earth!  Thank you Lord for Blessing us with our daughter.  Thank you also for every person who Prayed us though this!   

We were all a little scared about her re-entering her life, including her, but she’s ready.  Laiven’s doctor said... “Let her out of the bubble!” This is so exciting, and an answer to Prayer!  Thank you Jesus!!!  We are still Praying for only the amount of graph/host needed, to keep Cancer away for life!  God Bless stem cells... Logan’s Cells have treated Laiven so well!  

Please keep Laiven, and our family, in your Prayers as Laiven settles into her life.  God has given us so Much! 

We have such Heavy hearts for all of the Beautiful People who did not make it through this battle. This process is a brutal one, we will never forget anyone, or stop Praying for cures! 

Prayers for Every nurse and doctor!  Prayers for cures, miracles and breakthroughs!  Lord, we Pray for new medicines... Please keep satan out of our homes, our hospitals, our treatment centers, Out of our medical communities and research!  

We Thank You, and Praise you for every Blessing!

In Jesus’ Name,


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Journal entry by Shelley Wells

Laiven had her appointment, and we are BLESSED TO BE ABLE TO SAY... 100% LOGAN ON ALL THE IMPORTANT BONE MARROW TESTING!!! GLORY TO GOD, PRAISE JESUS!!! Next appointment will be in 2 weeks, then possibly home!!!


She will be continually monitored for graph host, with medication.  That will be for a while...NOTHING compared to what she’s been through!


Please know... EVERY ONE OF YOU have mattered!  Every thought, every Prayer, Everything!  The support from everyone brings tears! I wanted you all to know!!!



Dear Heavenly Father,

You have given us a very special gift and Blessing!  We Praise You, and We Thank You!  We are beyond excited that Laiven is truly done with chemo, and we Pray this will be forever!  Thank you for the Beautiful breakthrough of stem cells!  We Pray for these miracles to continue, everyday, for everyone suffering from fatal, and debilitating diseases!  Keep the Cures coming, Dear Father, and May you receive the Glory!  

Only you know,  every person who has thought of Laiven, and our family, Prayed for us, Covered us, walked with us... they each helped us through this.  Bless them Father.  We want them to know how much it meant, and how much our family appreciates everything!  We continue to Pray for all of the people we have met.  We Pray for their fight, and we Grieve for those who lost their battles.  Dear Jesus, we know it’s not over.  We Pray Laiven’s medicines continue to keep the graph host in complete remission.  We ask that Logan’s cells, and her cells, work together as a delicate balance, keeping her body free of cancers and diseases.  We ask that you keep satan out of our minds, bodies, and souls, as well as every home, hospital and treatment Center!  Your Love is everywhere, for everybody suffering!  Faith and Prayer are Your gift.  We Pray for those who are seeking You, May the find You!

We ask that you use this situation for Your Glory only.  Please shine through us, as we continue in Faith and Prayer everyday.  Thank you for our Beautiful Family, our Friends, and every person who we do not know, that held us up in every way! God Bless us all!

In Jesus’ Name,


Journal entry by Shelley Wells

Update:  March 6th


I’m so sorry, I know it’s been a while since I’ve posted.  We have been in a state of waiting.  God has taught our family patience.  We have learned to live day by day, humbled by God’s absolute, perfect timing.  It is not easy, but it is worth it!  Laiven is doing Amazing!  She is cancer free, and is finished with the chemo treatments! We Pray this will be for life.  We are Praising God daily for this beautiful time.  There is truly a miracle taking place in Laiven’s body.  

We are still in Dallas for count checks, and the monitoring of Graph/Host.  

Laiven’s doctor’s visits  have been reduced from 2-3 times a week to once a week.  Her doctor is slowly taking her off of medications, and her counts are rising on their own, Praise God!  Most are in normal range, or close to it!  Her Platelets are lower, possibly due to medications.  They are keeping an eye on it.  While we are waiting for her counts to stabilize, she has been able to have some fun with cousins and family.  It’s been Great!  Everything is where it’s supposed to be at this time.  Logan’s Cells seem to be doing well, but Laiven is still considered in the baby stage.  Her Doctor is running a test  to see how much is Logan... Praying for 100%.., but Laiven is definitely ahead of the game!  I believe with all my heart this is due to each Prayer and everyone of you!  Thank you all from the bottom of our hearts!  

We are Blessed by every Prayer, scripture, note, gifts and every beautiful thought!


Our hearts are heavy for our Beautiful friends who did not make it, this is not a Journey for the weary.  There is suffering, along with miracles.  Most of the time, it’s a combination.  We are both Blessed and saddened in a knowledge we never saw coming.  We Pray daily for every sufferer of cancer and illness.  Fighting for life is natural... living is a Blessing.  

We Pray for the Dearmond Family, a Beautiful life lost!  We Pray for The Jones Family, May Caleb Rest In Peace.  We Pray for all of our friends whose family members suffer illness and tragedy.  May God use us for his light...the light speaks much bigger than any words.

Our lives are examples... may God use our situation for His Glory! We Pray the cures become more frequent and less brutal.  We ask for Peace for all!  May they seek You, and find You!  We Thank you for each Day.  We Thank You for Prayer and Faith.  We Thank you for your son!

In Jesus’ Name,



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Journal entry by Shelley Wells

Update:  February 19th


19 days post transplant, Laiven is doing AMAZING!  Her counts are in the normal range for the first time in months.  She’s ready to soar, while I am trying to hold her down!  

Laiven must stay well!  This is flu season, and her doctor said it’s hitting hard in hospitals right now!  

She is not completely well, and still has many meds to take.  These medicines control virus’, fungus’, and graph host disease!  

She is on her way to wellness!  She can see the light, and it’s a Faithful one!  

We are Feeling SO BLESSED EVERYDAY!  PRAISING GOD FOR THIS PROGRESS!  Holding our breath as she gets better!  Feeling relief and Grateful for every miracle!  This process is so promising for so many!  I Pray this for everyone!

As her mom, I’m on a cautious tite-rope wanting to let go, but cannot... not until we get through this last phase of wellness!  

Our family is so Grateful for all of you!  Each Prayer, every scripture, texts, cards, packages, donations, anonymous gifts.  

Our family has witnessed the true Love and Blessings of Beautiful, Christianity and Love!  God’s Grace has given us Peace of Mind, and a Faith that is unwavering!

The fight against satan is real, but God takes this battle and sets us free!  We have been covered by Prayer.  

We are Praying for continued strength, 0 illnesses. 0 fungus and 0 graph/host symptoms.  We are Praying to remain out of the hospital for the duration of this fight, and asking for a complete restoration of Laiven’s Health... Body, Mind and Soul.  We are Praying our hearts out that this is her cure for life, and that cancer is defeated from this family for life!  

We Pray for her hair to be even fuller and more beautiful.  Her nails and skin to recover completely.  We Pray she gives Glory to God in her words and actions and that satan is kept out of our lives, homes, hospitals and places of treatment!  As always... we Pray-for all who are suffering and ask for cures, treatments, breakthroughs and miracles!

Thank you Jesus for everyday and every Blessing!  Thank you for your son and for Faith and Prayer.  We understand to have these things, Jesus could not remain on this earth. This  sacrifice gave every sinner a direct link to You!

We Praise You and Thank You!

In Jesus’ Name,



Journal entry by Shelley Wells

Update: February 13


We have so many Praises, I cannot even name them all!  We have so much to be Thankful for.  The emotions today are out of control!  My Prayer is that I make sense, and do not ramble!😳

We are so astounded at the Outpouring of Love and Prayer for our daughter, Laiven, and our family!  All we can say is how Grateful we are, and Thank You!  Each and every Prayer is felt, and has carried us. Prayer and Faith have been our strength.  I’m not sure how anyone could cope without these gifts!

Even when we were so fearful, God sent messengers. Family, Friends, Strangers that suddenly tell us of a loved one who survived, or people who went through this, or are going through similar circumstances.  People with scriptures and Prayers.  Strangers and long lost friends have surrounded us with love!

Our hearts ache for every family, and our Prayer is for cures and easier treatments. 

Everyone we have met...  fighters like no others...amazing people!   We are aware of suffering... Cancer, MS, Huntington’s Disease, Mental illnesses, and so many others.  Please Lord... Cures, better treatments and 0 satan! We ask that all evil be taken out of the hands of greedy, evil people... and placed in The hands of the Godly only!  Let us see the evil so that we can speak against it and defeat it!  

We acknowledge each Blessing...from the beautiful people who keep our hospitals clean, to all the nurses and Doctors we have encountered.  Each one has a special gift, and each one is so important!  


Our emotions are everywhere, so Happy For Laiven’s Great numbers and wonderful opportunity, but also humbled in knowing we are very Blessed!  

Our hearts break to hear of others starting this journey, as ours is Prayerfully and Faithfully coming to an end.  Our hearts are broken for those who fought, but didn’t make it... this is a very hard road, and we wish everyone to survive!

If there are young people reading this, don’t take life for granted!  You have choices to make... make smart ones! Life is precious... every minute of it! 

We are always Grateful for each and every Prayer, every thought and every Blessing!  Prayer is so Powerful!  We Thank God for every Blessing and hope to pay it forward in our actions everyday!

We are Praying that God uses our situation for His Glory only!

In Jesus’ Name,



Journal entry by Shelley Wells

Update!  February 8th🙏❤️💪👊💪❤️🙏


Laiven is now at 0 immunities and her chemo side effects are starting to kick in!  This was her LAST chemo... Praise God!  Prayerfully and Faithfully Forever!  Miracles happen in these hospitals everyday, and we Thank our Heavenly Father for every one! Our Prayer is for every family to have a cure, Hope, and an easier treatment!  We Pray that only those who are Godly be involved with medicine, and the Greedy are kept out! We Pray everyday for satan to stay out of our hospitals, homes and treatment centers!  

This stem cell process is truly A Godsend for so many.  We are Praying everyday this will be Laiven’s cure for life!  We are so Thankful, and our Prayers are for all... and especially for those families who have lost this battle.  This is so tough, and  everyone fights so hard!  

Nurses and doctors are in this for the long Hall... We Pray for them!  Our Prayers Are that we never forget this experience, but that Laiven can be cured, and live a long, happy life!  We Pray for God to use Laiven’s, and our families, circumstances for His Glory only!  We will never forget all the people we have met, and have grown to Love so much!! 


Laiven is at Day +7 and doing well... Praise God!  We Thank God for everyday, good and bad!  She is experiencing some pain, but nothing she can’t handle! This is day +7 and no fever... this is also such a Glorious Praise!  Tomorrow is + 8.  She will be able to get the Nueprogen shots to stimulate her white cells, and Prayerfully, the new cells will start doing their Godly work in Laiven’s body.  We Pray that these beautiful cells are comfortable in their new, clean, pink home.  We ask that these cells destroy every cancer Cell.  We ask that these new cells rebuild her bone marrow, as they protect Laiven’s organs. We Pray that in God’s time, the Big Brother Cells will begin their protection for life... WOW!  God is Amazing!  


Laiven is feeling Good... this is the hold our breath, waiting, Praying, completely walking in Faith, minute by minute time!

Thank you all for Praying for Laiven and walking through this time With us!  We appreciate and feel Every Prayer!  We Pray for each of you also... those we know, and those we may never meet!  We Are also Praying our hearts out for some other Young people fighting this battle... We Pray they are completely cured!  

In Jesus’ Name,



“For the word of God is quick, and powerful, and sharper than any twoedged sword, piercing even to the dividing asunder of soul and spirit, and of the joints and marrow, and is a discerner of the thoughts and intents of the heart.”

‭‭Hebrews‬ ‭4:12‬ ‭KJV‬‬

Journal entry by Shelley Wells

Update:  January 29th


“Neither do men light a candle, and put it under a bushel, but on a candlestick; and it giveth light unto all that are in the house.”

‭‭Matthew‬ ‭5:15‬ ‭KJV‬‬


Our son, Logan, started his shots on Sunday to stimulate his stem cells!!  Here we Go!!!


Laiven had one week with family, and an extra week to recover...this was GREAT!  Checked in T Boone Pickins Cancer Center on Thursday at 4 pm.  Friday was day -8, beginning of chemo.  Today is day -4.  Wednesday is -2 and the last chemo day!  Thursday is -1... rest Day!  Friday will be a day of CELEBRATION...STEM-CELL DAY!!! This is day 0.  The days forward are + days.  Praying our hearts out that this will be Laiven’s cure!  Praying for no graph host disease!  we are Praying Logan’s stem cells turn into warriors against the cancer cells and settle in without rejecting any organs!  Praying Laiven’s body allows Logan’s cells to take over with ease... we need a smooth blood transition with enough rejection that the cancer cells have NO CHANCE OF SURVIVAL...FOR LIFE!!

The family has been AMAZING, such a BLESSING FOR LAIVEN!  The environment change has been great for everyone!  Laiven has the best sense of humor and attitude!  I am in awe of my child!  We miss all of our wonderful friends and family, but we are so happy to have this opportunity!  Praise God for EVERY PRAYER AND EVERY BLESSING!



In Jesus’ Name,


Journal entry by Shelley Wells

Update: January 25th


Laiven is in God’s hands here in Dallas.  The nurses have been great, and the facilities are wonderful!  She has started her chemo, which always just breaks my heart!  Her spirits are good and she’s feeling good so far!  There is a love/hate relationship with chemo.  It’s the medicine she needs, but it’s so brutal! 


We have so many Praises!  God has been so great!  We have been provided with so much Prayer!  We have some new friends, and have reconnected with friends we had lost touch with!  Our family has never been closer, and Laiven will be a triplet... how Great is that!!! 2 100% matches, meals, cleaning, scripture, Faith, Peace and comfort..., in times of such uncertainty.  Laiven‘s Cancer is curable, what a Praise!  God has opened our eyes in so many ways!  He is Present. Aware of all our needs.  It’s such a Blessing to be a Christian! I want to be sure to give God Glory.  Sometimes I don’t feel worthy, but my child is the fighter, the worthy one!  We wanted all of our friends, with cancer, to make it... my heart goes out, and we Pray our hearts out for them.  Cancer is a world We wish We didn’t know so much about, but We do.  Prayers for cures, more humane and safer treatments, and miracles!


We have a ways to go, Laiven is Amazing!  I can’t even imagine the conversations she’s had with God!  She has never wavered in her Faith, although I know she is not without fear and anxiety!  This treatment has to work!  There can be no illnesses and no graph host... everything has to line up just right!  We are all so Faithful and Prayerful as always, but as we hold our breath a little, we want to thank all of you for each and every Prayer!  Please know we Pray for all of you too!  


Thank you again for taking this journey with us... now we wait for our transplant, and continue to Pray for a cure and complete healing...Body, Mind and Soul!


In Jesus’ Name,



Journal entry by Shelley Wells

Update: Sunday January 20th


Today is a reflection day for me.  I am Amazed how short.., yet how long this process has been.  In the scheme of things we are Thankful it is not years, but for those in treatment it’s always too long.  We are so BLESSED to have this opportunity to heal.  I Pray this for every person suffering!  I can’t imagine how Laiven feels at this age.  I know she’s tired of being in a bubble, tired of being knocked back down after working so hard to get back up..,but Praise The Lord for this opportunity, Praise The Lord she’s come this far, and Praise The Lord for every Blessing that’s come out of this!

Prayerfully and Faithfully this treatment is her cure for life!  We are so Blessed she has 2 familial matches, that only happens 20% of the time.  What an Amazing Blessing!  

I cannot help but hold my breath.  Laiven has to stay well, no illnesses!  She has to go through another chemo... this one is the most powerful.  This round takes her entire bone marrow to 0!  Logan’s Cells must accept Laiven’s body, and Laiven’s body must accept Logan’s stem cells... this is Vital!  Logan’s stem cells must then recognize, and destroy, any and every cancer cell!  We Pray the only rejection is of cancer, no graph host disease!  

We are Praying our hearts out that Laiven can get through this round, and stem cell, without illness!  This time, she will be in the hospital until her counts come up, so we are just Praying...Not one bad germ!  

Laiven needs so much Prayer!  She keeps a lot inside, but she is steadfast in her Faith.  She has taught me so much!


Dear Heavenly Father,


Thank you for everyday!  Thank you for your son and every Blessing!  Thank you for all of our Prayer Warriors, those we know, and those we do not!  

Your Blessings are many, and we Praise you for each one!

We ask that this treatment will be Laiven’s cure, and that it will be Soon and forever.  We Pray for 0 illnesses during this process, and 0 host-graph disease!  We Thank you for stem cells, and Medicines as well as doctors and nurses.  We Pray you keep satan far away from our thoughts, and our places of treatment and recovery!  We thank you for hope!  We ask for better treatments and cures for those suffering!  

We Pray for safe travels for our family! We Ask you to hold Laiven tightly, and carry her through this physically, mentally and spiritually.  

We Pray you use this situation for your Glory, and that you shine through each one of us!  

Please Bless Laiven with a full recovery, from the top of her head to the tips of her toes!  

We Pray for all of our friends and family suffering from cancer, as well as other illnesses.  We ask for treatments and cures!  We Pray for all of our friends who have lost loved ones to this horrible disease, and others.  

We Pray for our country, our troops and our President!

Thank you for this life, Prayer and Faith!

In Jesus’ Name,



"Heal me, O Lord, and I will be healed; save me and I will be saved, for you are the one I praise." ~ Jeremiah 17:14

Journal entry by Shelley Wells

Update:  January 17


Today is evaluation and information day.  

So far we have been so BLESSED!  There is only a 20% chance that any sibling would be a match, not to mention 2 being 100% match!

That is a PRAISE GOD!

Our Prayers for today are;


good labs

Logan’s perfect cells for Laiven.  Taking and accepting Laiven’s body

Laiven’s body accepting Logan’s cells

no host graph ever

0 illnesses

Fast recovery

No infections of any kind

Great doctors and nurses

Best care and medicines

Laiven’s well being... mind, body and soul

Complete Healing from top of her head to the bottom of her toes.

Beautiful hair and nail re-growth


Please Lord, Cure my child!

Bless her with a full, cancer free



Journal entry by Shelley Wells

Week 1 has been full of lots of fluids and round 2 of chemo, "the cure."  We have been calling the chemo, "the cure" because that is what we know it will be!  We were at the Arrington Cancer Center each day this week to receive blood and fluids and flush the bad cells out.  She had the second round of IV chemo Tuesday and fluids the other days.  The doctors are testing the cancer chromosomes to see what we are dealing with, praying for chromosomes that are easy to treat!  Side effects have been minimal this week, praying for continued minimal to no side effects as we continue to receive the chemo treatment. 
Friday morning Laiven went to Covenant Medical Center to receive her second round of chemo through the lumbar puncture.  This makes her back very sore as they take the spinal fluid out and put "the cure" into her spine.  This is done as an outpatient procedure, but Laiven has to lay flat for 6 hours following the procedure. She is able to go home at the end of the night and sleep in her own bed.  We have been able to enjoy this weekend with friends and family visiting and will head back to the doctors office Tuesday morning for the next round of treatment.

We so appreciate all of the texts, calls, thoughts and prayers we have received each and every day.  While we can't respond to all know we love and appreciate you!
Laiven’s Story

Site created on September 3, 2018

Dear Family and Friends,

On August 24th, we took Laiven to the emergency room with what we thought was severe anemia.  After many labs and tests, she was diagnosed with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia which was a surprise to all of us.  Laiven began her first round of chemo on Saturday morning, August 25th and will continue treatment for the next several months here in Lubbock.  

Thank you for visiting our CaringBridge website.  We will be using it to keep family and friends updated in one place as Laiven begins her fight against Leukemia.  We appreciate your support and words of hope and encouragement.