Carol Sweeney|Apr 2, 2020
Hi Kevin and Ali,
All I can say is that I understand to some degree. As Kevin knows, my family has been in a similar situation, on a certain level. However, this added challenge with the world's current issue, takes an added toll on your family, which I can't begin to comprehend. I am so impressed by the support your family has access to and I do hope that you take total advantage of that support. You need it and you deserve it! None of us knows when our world will be turned upside down and we all need support in one way or another, at one time or another. As you said, the simple pleasure of the family watching a show together with chatter throughout, keeps it real! We can always rewind to catch a missed portion!!! Stay safe.
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Pina Rocca|Mar 31, 2020 (edited)
Hang in there LaCoste family. These are crazy stressful times and can certainly get the better of us, if we let it. You’re all so very strong and have so much love to share and that’s so important during these trying times. Hold on tight to each other... we’ll see you on the other side❤️
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Ellen Randolph|Mar 31, 2020
Oh, G. Hang in there. You still have each other - and hopefully TP! 🤣
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Michele Zaccaria|Mar 25, 2020
Hi Ali,
Thank you for being honest and real.
Sharing it all to us.
I “home deliver” to you:
2 orders of resiliency, 1 order of perseverance, 1 order of peace, with extra ❤️ on the side.
Don’t worry I checked the package before sending; it’s all in there! 😊 #LaCoste Strong
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Darlene Faherty|Mar 23, 2020 (edited)
I wanted to share how inspired I am by the courage and determination that are part of both of you. For those who may be discouraged in their lives, the thoughts and stories you share in your journal can be a source of strength. For those who struggle in their relationship, you show them that love means being there for each other no matter what comes their way. Although this is a time of social distancing, know that you continue to be in the hearts of many even those whom you have never met. I had taught at Robinson and Crisafulli and am now retired. I have never met either of you but wish that I had been given that privilege. Stay strong and healthy. Keep on sharing your stories, thoughts and feelings knowing that what you share touches more people than you could ever imagine.
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Barbara Shaughnessey|Mar 22, 2020
Continued prayers for you and your family, Kevin. This is such a difficult time, especially for you. Sending you all love and hugs today and in the days to come. ❤️❤️
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Mary O’Brien|Mar 22, 2020
My love and prayers are with you everyday. ..
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David S. Hill|Mar 22, 2020
Carrie, Kevin and Kids...the Hill Family continues to think of you all and wish you all the very best, most importantly during these challenging times! Hang in there as this too shall pass, hopefully sooner than later.
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Sandy Wright|Mar 22, 2020
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Laura Folsom|Mar 22, 2020
My grandmother used to say, "This, too, shall pass." Things are a little bit wacky right now for everyone. (Okay - maybe a lot wacky to be honest.) But we are people who are tough.... not going to be taken down by some little scare like this. Stay strong.... read a good book.... get the kids to work on some crafts (Michaels has online ordering and then curbside pickup available!) and yes - watch some new TV shows. Stay safe.... inside sucks, but yes, stay inside. Try a new recipe? Perhaps Kevin can read a story to his students and you guys can record him doing that, and then post it on the school website? Can you take a ride the car to the beach? Beautiful sun and no need to actually get out of the car.... (because we all know that the beach can look wonderful but be brutal in March!).... get some take out seafood.... Ali and Kevin - I feel like this time is like the middle of a movie when the hero is taken down and they are playing different scenes on how everyone is getting discouraged and they keep going back to show the hero who is feeling defeated and then *finally* something happens.... the hero is reminded that THEY ARE THE FREAKING HERO and they and everyone around them pulls together and BAM! They recognize the power of God in themselves and start KICKING A$$! This is hard for everyone. Sounds like you need some help.... set up ZOOM and have virtual dinner with friends. Is there anything that you can think of that you wish you had? Post it and I'm sure the Lacoste Strong team will make it happen. Thinking of you guys and praying for you guys and knowing that you are going to survive and have a glorious summer ahead of you. Please do post anything that you need.... your helpers await!
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