Journal entry by Carrie Conway

An Ali Update:

My mind swirls when I think about the past 8 months.   Life’s events are so unpredictable.  But tonight, I have to recognize what has proven to be predictable for us.  We have an INCREDIBLE support system.  There hasn’t been a day in the last two weeks that we haven’t had someone offer to help us- run to the grocery store, CVS, Costco, or wherever we need.  Friends are constantly checking in on our wellbeing and mental health.  I feel overwhelmed trying to keep up with responding to everyone.  And to be honest- today sucked.  It was a really bad day with lots of sadness and tears.  Social distancing is taking its toll.  All of Kevin’s therapies and appointments have been canceled,  so we’ve gone from very busy- to stagnant.  Not to mention he’s not getting what he needs to progress.  And when there’s not too much to occupy your mind- we keep busy by spending a bit more time on social media.  We love seeing what everyone is doing to keep busy- but our hearts break at the same time.  We LOVED hiking and taking walks in the woods.  We LOVED taking cold day trips to the beach to hunt for sea glass.  We are outdoorsy people.  But when Kevin tries to go outside now, the cold weather sparks such spasms, he ends up in a ton of pain (and by cold, I mean less than 65 degrees).  Today, on this beautifully sunny day, we felt it the most.  And this came after Kevin’s morning started with a blood pressure of 190/115 and dropped to 60/40 less than 30 minutes later.  I struggle with how to help him manage that. (And don’t worry- of course we’ve talked to his doctor about it).  We ordered dinner from a local restaurant- and took a drive out to get it,  just to get out of the house, and they forgot one of our meals.  Ugh.  It was like Alexander’s terrible horrible no good very bad day! BUT, we find the best in each day.  We ended the night with our kids.  We all gathered in the living room and started a new-to-us tv series.  Colin talked through the whole thing- asking questions and just being completely normal.  It was my silver lining.  My “good” in today.  
And we’re still moving forward. ❤️
#LaCosteStrong #stayhealthy
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