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April 14, 2021


    Kurt is feeling strong and having a good week. I might mix up the days but yesterday he had a nice day running around Freeport. He said he went into the police department and got to make some rounds there catching up with people. While he was in town he was able to take care of some golf coaching tasks that he does. The Dakota High School team plays their home matches at The Freeport Club. The Freeport Club underwent some changes so he was happy to stop in there and (re)confirm that the team would still be able to have the Freeport Club as their home track. He's such a great coach and I'm so proud of him for some of the things he does behind the scenes for the team and his players.

    Today he got out and made sure the lawnmowing equipment is running and got that ready so that Zavier could knock out some mowing. He was also going in to give a golf lesson in this cold. And tonight he has Kenzie's last volleyball of the season in Dakota. All in all, he sounded good.  He also told me that he stopped the meal train for right now.  He was incredibly appreciative of the incredible support he has received from the meal train, but the kids had expressed some interest in trying to do some cooking together, and to do some grilling out together. 

    That's all for now! 

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  • Carol Dreith : Sounds so good, glad you had a good week and had some great activities. Good for the kids, wanting to cook.
  • Julie Fellers : Good to hear the kids want to help even more than they do already 🥰 Great week.
  • Curt Kruse : Thanks for the positive update! Continuing to pray daily for strength, appetite, encouragement, effectiveness of the chemo to kill the cancer, and wisdom for his medical team!