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May 4, 2021

    Kurt had his 7th treatment yesterday. Seven down, five to go, over halfway there. He was able to move his treatment this week to Monday. He had been receiving the previous treatments on Tuesdays, but asked to move them to Monday's and the doctor's office was able to accommodate his request. He is hoping that by moving his treatment up a day he won't be spending as much of his weekends wiped out. Everything is going as well as can be hoped for as far as they can tell. He was actually able to get out and play a few holes of golf last week during his off week (no treatment), though he was getting too tired by the end of the nine holes. He'd probably still beat most of us even while fighting cancer and undergoing chemotherapy. 
    There hasn't been a whole lot new to report over the last week. He has a CT scan next week just to make sure nothing unexpected is being aggravated. The cancer he has doesn't show up on CT scans so unfortunately it won't provide any insight as far as that goes. He sounded good when I spoke to him Sunday.  Send him your best and let him know you're thinking of him. He still has a long ways to go and the treatments don't get any easier. But, there's a lot to be encouraged by and every treatment is one step closer to our buddy beating this thing.

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April 19, 2021

Kurt update-
   Kurt was doing well today. He has his sixth round of treatment tomorrow. He is feeling strong. As he feels stronger in between treatments it is making it harder for him to go into treatment each time. I can't imagine working so hard to feel better for two weeks only to go back in and get completely cut down again, over and over, so I'm proud of him for keeping up the fight. 
    Kurt actually got to go into work for about three hours last week. He told me that after he went in for his visit (to the police department) last Monday he kind of had a desire to go in and try to work for a little bit. He asked if he could come in for a few hours and the chief told him to come in and do what he could. He said he went in for about three hours for one day. I think it gave him a sense of normalcy, and he sounded like he enjoyed just going in for a little bit. 
   He also wanted me to share that he has received a few get well cards recently. The cards touched him. He wanted me to say that if anyone wants to send a card to share a memory, or to just say hey and tell him to get better he would welcome those. There really is something kind of special about getting a card or hand written note from someone, especially now in the age of instant connections via text message, etc. 
    That's all for now. Kurt will have a hard week ahead of him again this week, but after this round of treatment he is halfway done. Go Kurt.


April 14, 2021


    Kurt is feeling strong and having a good week. I might mix up the days but yesterday he had a nice day running around Freeport. He said he went into the police department and got to make some rounds there catching up with people. While he was in town he was able to take care of some golf coaching tasks that he does. The Dakota High School team plays their home matches at The Freeport Club. The Freeport Club underwent some changes so he was happy to stop in there and (re)confirm that the team would still be able to have the Freeport Club as their home track. He's such a great coach and I'm so proud of him for some of the things he does behind the scenes for the team and his players.

    Today he got out and made sure the lawnmowing equipment is running and got that ready so that Zavier could knock out some mowing. He was also going in to give a golf lesson in this cold. And tonight he has Kenzie's last volleyball of the season in Dakota. All in all, he sounded good.  He also told me that he stopped the meal train for right now.  He was incredibly appreciative of the incredible support he has received from the meal train, but the kids had expressed some interest in trying to do some cooking together, and to do some grilling out together. 

    That's all for now! 


April 7, 2021

Hello everyone,

   Kurt had a good strong week of recovery last week. He was in good spirits and was in typical jovial Kurt-mode. Lots of laughing, lots of talking, and a little singing. He went down and saw his parents for Easter Sunday. Kurt had a special day down there with them. 
   Kurt had his fifth round of chemo treatment yesterday. The treatments are really wiping him out, especially on treatment day. However, he got through the full treatment without anything unexpected happening. He said the doctors seem to have the treatment dialed in now, but it makes for a hard day. The treatments make him dizzy so he has to shuffle around. It doesn't sap his sense of humor though!! He told me he is still doing well with his eating and fluid intake and his blood test numbers were still right on the mark this week, too.
    As for the rest of the week, Kurt says he plans to take it easy and stick to his strict regimen of drinking water and Gatorade. He's hoping to avoid a hard crash this Saturday like he experienced that last Saturday after treatment. Send Kurt your best and let him know you're thinking of him. We gotta keep his spirits up so he can keep fighting as hard as he has been! Take care everyone. 


March 30, 2021

    Kurt had his fourth round of chemo treatment last week.  It went fine but they did have to dial back some of the meds a little bit, but that was expected.  The neuropathy gets a little harder for him with each round of treatment.  He was feeling pretty good on Friday and was able to go down to his hometown area and visit some people.  He definitely enjoyed that.  Kurt said Saturday was a hard day for him.  He was really worn out and slept a lot off and on throughout the day. In spite of that, he said he bounced back good on Sunday. His dad came up to visit and they were able to spend several hours together chatting and watching golf/basketball on tv.  One of his gracious friends arranged to have the house professionally cleaned for Kurt and that was done on Monday. He said that was awesome and he was thankful for that.  He also got to go see Kenzie play volleyball on Monday.

    Kurt doesn't have much on tap for this week except getting his strength back for another round of chemo next week. Oh, and of course watching the Cubs on opening day Thursday!  He sounded great today when I spoke to him so we'll all just keep our positive energy heading his way so he can keep fighting this thing! 


March 19, 2021

Kurt had a good week this week. He had his procedure to get his kidney functioning on Wednesday. It went as well as it could have. They were able to place a stint in the kidney and get the tube opened that has been blocked since December. While they were in there they did not find any tumors around the kidney or bladder. That was obviously a massive relief and another reason to be hopeful. The procedure is causing him some pain but that was expected. Initially they were only going to leave the stint in a short time, but the doctor now wants to leave it in until the end of his chemo treatment if he can tolerate it. If you want to hear Kurt tell a story that makes him laugh, ask him about the first times he used the restroom after having the stint placed.

Kurt was in great spirits today and sounded like himself. He sounded strong and is feeling encouraged. The benefit last weekend was a huge success and Kurt was beyond touched. Thank you to everyone that was able to come out to the benefit. Thank you to everyone that has offered Kurt their love and support, it has meant so much to him. Take care and have a good weekend.


March 12, 2021

Hello everybody!

   Kurt is doing well today after a pretty difficult week. The kids are home from school with him for the day and they are making a big ol' pizza for lunch he said. Kurt had his third round of chemo treatment earlier this week; Tuesday through Thursday. It really wiped him out, especially on Tuesday evening. This week's treatment sapped nearly all of his energy and he was having some more reactions to one of the medicines they are using. They/he were able to keep it from being a major reaction with Benadryl (or something similar) but they were a little scary nonetheless. The other hardship from this week's treatment is the chemo is causing him to have a lot of sensitivity in his hands and fingers. So, when he's undergoing the treatment his hands hurt if he tries to pick things up, especially if they are even cold or chilled, such as trying to crack eggs or hold a glass of milk or water. His solution for this has been to wear the thin stretchy winter gloves. He got the pump off yesterday so will hopefully be on the mend for the next two weeks until the next treatment.

   It is worth sharing that FHN has continued to be wonderful to Kurt, as they have been since the very beginning of all this. His main doctor for the cancer treatment, Dr. Shaikh, was on vacation this week. When Kurt started having his reactions to the treatment after he went home on Tuesday night he called the hotline he is supposed to call. He told them his doctor was on vacation so he didn't expect him to be reached. Kurt ended up speaking to his neighbor who has been very helpful with his medications. Well, at about 7:30pm Kurt got a call anyways from Dr. Shaikh who was still on vacation somewhere with his family. Kurt said he could tell Dr. Shaikh was at some sort of family function and Kurt told him he didn't want to bother him because he (Kurt) thought he had the situation under control for now. Dr. Shaikh insisted Kurt fill him in on what was going on and gave Kurt directions on what to do. I wanted to share this because Kurt was touched by Dr. Shaikh's dedication to his care.

   Kurt has a procedure scheduled for next week. On Wednesday they are going to go in and try to get his kidney working again. One of his kidneys has not been functioning since before the cancer was discovered. It was one of the symptoms he was dealing with when they were still trying to figure out what was going on with him. They're not sure why but there is a blockage in that kidney and they are hoping to resolve it by placing a stint in there. Hopefully that is all it is and they can get that one working properly. His other kidney is a little inflamed now as well, but it is believed to be a result of the aggressive and harsh chemo treatment he is going through and the doctors are not concerned about that other kidney for now.

   It looks like we are going to get a wonderful day tomorrow for Kurt's benefit at the Royal Pub in Freeport. We are expecting a big turn out to honor our friend and raise more funds. The amount of donations for the benefit and the amount of baskets that have been donated for the silent auction is truly indescribable. A few brief details about tomorrow's event are: Location-Royal Pub in Freeport, IL -Time:1-8pm ish. I believe the silent auction is going to be ended around 6pm. Entertainment is one of Kurt's favorites: The Ryan and Joe Trio (Kurt went to school with Joe). There will be pizza and pulled pork for purchase as well as plenty of other items. And there will be some fantastic items up for bid, as in over 60 different baskets/items. John Hill of the Royal Pub has donated the venue, the pizzas, kegs of beer, and the entertainment so if you know John let him know how much we appreciate all he's done for Kurt and this benefit. In addition to that there has been a large group of amazing people who have been working hard to organize this benefit and make it happen!

  Let Kurt know you are still thinking of him and if you are able to make it tomorrow that would be wonderful. Take care everyone.


March 5, 2021

I had the privilege today of being on the phone with Kurt when he got quite the package! He received a box from FedEx and when he opened it he found a package from the NFL. It was a Pittsburgh Steelers football signed by the 2020 Pittsburgh Steelers. The ball was accompanied by a hand written note from the organization thanking Kurt for "rooting" for them all these years and now they are "rooting" for him!!! I have known Kurt a long time. He was a combination of choked up and speechless. It is hard to hit Kurt with something that renders him speechless.  So, whoever made this happen THANK YOU. It was quite a moment and I'm glad I got to share it with him. And he was also delighted. If you are willing to step forward and let Kurt know who might have arranged this please let him know. He really appreciated it.