Thoughts & Well Wishes

René Schwartz | Feb 24, 2021
So I ran across a golf tip today for you that can take 5 strokes off anyone's game - it's called an eraser! 😁 

We're all in your corner rooting for you Kurt.  Also - a shout out to those that are in close contact with you assisting in your day-to-day regime, as well as keeping us updated on your progress.  He's kind of a big deal around here - and we are super appreciative!!  🙏 🙏 
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Lynne Cuplin | Feb 23, 2021
Try to stay positive Kurt.  I know it's tough.  Tougher than I can even imagine.  By now you've probably realized how many people's lives you have touched, mine included.  We've had a lot of laughs!  I'm praying for you and thinking of you often.  Just wanted you to know that.  Chin up buddy!
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