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Site created on July 23, 2018

Kodie was a healthy, 22 year old college student on summer break.  What started with migraine headaches, turned out to be a very long story, and one that continues, after 7 brain surgeries,  Kodie still teaches us the power of perseverance and courage.  He always has a smile, and continues to trust the Lord in this adversity, and reminds all of us, that "God's plan is perfect, so why stress?" For strength, he reflects on his favorite verse, Be still, and know that I am God, Psalm 46:10.  He is such a loving and giving person, putting others before himself.  After his seventh brain surgery, I just put my head on his chest and told him how sorry I was that he had to deal with this.  He said, "Mom, look around (he was in ICU at the time), there are a lot of people here, far worse than me! (And I'm thinking...have you seen your head recently???  lol). Kodie's tumor has  brought our family and other families together, old friends reuniting, and new friendships starting!  It is amazing at all the people that have come together to pray for Kodie and our family! It is overwhelming, there are so many!  Kodie continues to recover, and hopefully is on the road to recovering and coming home soon!  He is an inspiration to all of us!  God's got this Kodie!!!

Newest Update

Journal entry by Colleen Sickmann

-Kodie & Family Update-
     This is an update that is long past due for all of our prayer partners that prayed for Kodie and were there for us through this journey! As Kodie’s dad when I reflect on the past year, my heart hurts. I still struggle with knowing that we almost lost Kodie three times. but God’s love spared us that hurt, and we are truly blessed. I now realize how many other parents have not been spared that pain. My heart goes out to them all. The past six months seems like just yesterday. When I read some of my writings I still can’t believe how much prayer and support my family received from all of you. It’s truly amazing, and we are so grateful. It has changed my life. I look at the actions you all took on our behalf showed us the impact you can have on people in need.
     The holidays were some of the best we had as a family. Very relaxing and taking time to laugh and rest. Celebrating the birthday of Jesus had a special meaning. A family tradition we started last year by buying blankets, socks and putting a ten dollar bill in an envelope, then getting in the car Christmas Eve and searching out homeless people that are living on the street to hand them out to, got a little bigger this year. Colleen’s sister donated some blankets and my other sister in-law hand made beautiful quilts to hand out. The reaction and thankfulness each and everyone showed us was life changing. Find time to pray for these people they are someone’s son, daughter, mom or dad. A lot of sad situations, which makes us appreciate our own family even more! 
     Kodie continues to be a rock with his faith and belief that by God’s grace and blessing his tumor will dissolve and be gone at some point. We have had a couple things come up that caused us to rush him to the Mayo for scans that revealed in both times an increase in fluid build up, one time causing him to be hospitalized for 3-4 days. This was months ago, but the last time they said to go home and hope for the best because they just can’t risk another surgery until his brain heals, taking up to a year. If they go in now, they feel he will have permanent damage. They told us that the tumor has grown into the brain stem and the first thing it may affect is his eye sight. They said in a year, they will decide exactly what they can do but will more than likely involve some new experimental drugs. They believe Kodie will live with this the rest of his life, but through Kodie and our families faith in God’s healing and through the many prayers from you all, we believe this will pass. Please continue to pray for God to take this tumor from Kodie. The last thing the doctors said to us, is for all of us to go home, and try not to focus on this, and to live a normal life. So our efforts to allow Kodie to live that normal life has been wonderful for him, and for us to see. One big thing we pushed for, was a big reduction of his medications. This has been a game changer that has allowed Kodie to better clear his fogginess. We have seen good progress. Kodie and his girl friend, Taylor, her mother, and her grandmother just traveled to Florida for a little vacation at a family member’s house. While there, Taylor’s grandma, bought Kodie an excursion to swim with the manatees. They sent a video and was it was so amazing seeing Kodie connect with them in the water, very cool! So, he is trying to embrace life as best as possible. He also works for us daily, and is doing a good job.
     The future for all of us right now is to just wait it out until he is fit to proceed with the next step to treat the tumor, or as Kodie will say, show us that the tumor is gone for good. Praise God! We want to thank the people who opened their home to us when we traveled to Rochester, it was such a blessing. Thank you to all of you that made Kodie’s stay so special by visiting him in the hospital, for all the cards and gifts, the special prayer blankets from numerous people and churches, and of course FOOD for Kodie (his favorite), and our family. There were so many gifts of kindness and love from all of you, a heartfelt thank you to all. Thank you for the prayers, the heartfelt texts, Facebook and 
Caringbridge encouragements - all of this helped keep our faith strong and pulled us through this very difficult time in our lives. The last thing that I want to share is very hard for me to talk about without getting choked up. With bills stacking up everyday that I get in the mail, and again new deductibles starting over because of the new year, I have to thank all of you that have donated to the Go Fund Me page a friend has set up. I truly have not been able to even look at it until just recently because of my pride, God is pushing me on this one. I just can’t tell you in words how much we appreciate and love you all for your participation with this. Truly amazing!!! Our hearts are so affected by your thoughtfulness, generosity and love, and many, many people we don’t even know that have a part of this journey! I never really knew how I felt about GoFundMe pages and have resisted this from the start, but now that we have been the receiver and seeing what it has done for us, I have an entirely different view. Thank you! Thank you for thinking about us and taking the time and money to show support for Kodie. We can’t thank you enough! Please continue to pray for Kodie! I wish I could express how deeply thankful my family is for all of you!
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