Honor Katie

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Gifted by Frank young

“Dear Katie I read your words and feel such compastion and pain,I wish I could help.”

Gifted by Andrea Harris (Walton)

“You might be one the strongest women I've ever known--& I barely know you :) No words to describe the amount of respect. Love to you & your girls.”

Gifted by Danya Francis

“In honor of Katie Oldham”

Gifted by Peter and Shelly Plapp

“May God bless you and the girls during this time. Our thoughts and prayers are with you.”
Michael A Jones

Gifted by Michael A Jones

“In honor of Katie Oldham”
Danielle Smith

Gifted by Danielle Smith

“In honor of Katie Oldham”
Jean Gustafson

Gifted by Jean Gustafson

“In honor and memory of Kevin Oldham”

Gifted by Dana Lage

“In honor of Katie Oldham.. I am a cousin of michelle Horner and I have always followed your story threw her. God bless you and your girls.”

Gifted by Randy McKee

“In honor of Katie & Kevin Oldham. From a fellow bass fisherman. God Bless your family.”

Gifted by Anne McConnell

“In honor of Katie Oldham”