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Backstory: Back in March 2019 my family got the flu. But then Jim and Larrie got better and I didn't. What was more, other symptoms started creeping in; nausea when eating, dizziness all the time, fevers every night and night sweats. I went to see my doctor and luckily she took it all seriously and said, "let's go see some specialists." 

Flash forward two months when I actually get in to see the specialists and we start testing. The first test, a CT scan of my stomach came back and there it was a 13cmx10cm mass in my right kidney - stage 3 renal cell carcinoma.

More tests ensued and we developed a plan of action which involves surgery to remove my right kidney and some lymph nodes to which it has spread .

That's the story and we are on the road to recovery. A young friend of mine gave me a catch phrase that I will put here: STRONGER THAN CANCER!

Newest Update

Journal entry by Kimmi Viita

Hi friends,
       Yesterday, I had written that I hadn't updated because there wasn't really anything to say. Boy, I still wish I had nothing to say.
        So, as I told you guys yesterday I went to the oncologist. I did my blood work and saw the doctor. He wasn't overly concerned, but decided to move up my cat scan just to be sure in the next few weeks. He also gave me something a little stronger for the pain.
         I left and had gotten no more than 2 minutes away, when the doctor called me and said he had received the rest of my blood work and my liver enzymes were high. He wanted me to turn around and go to the emergency room so that they could do an ultrasound to check my gallbladder.
        I did that, and over the next three and a half hours (because the ER was busy) I had an ultrasound and waited for results. Finally, the ER doctor came in and told me that something had come up in the ultrasound and my oncologist was personally coming in to talk to me. Not five minutes later my oncologist was there and he told me that my gallbladder was fine but they had found a tumor in my liver.
       I was and am still shocked. This tumor wasn't there 9 weeks ago. This is scary. I have to do a few follow-up tests before I can start treatment in the next few weeks or so.       
        I don't know the entirety of what the treatment will be other than it will be immunotherapy drugs, which is similar to chemo but way better. I will update nectwhen I have a better idea of what's happening. 
      In the meantime, if I can be so selfish to ask, please don't ever stop praying for me and my family.
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